You Should Include Video Conferencing Software

Stylish man wearing a cap, working and seated on a white couch in an open-space, hotel lobby, leaning over and focused on laptopBy now, it’s become second nature to have a virtual meeting using video conferencing. The value of being able to jump online via any device has blown open the way to communicate to people close by and far away. When experts are predicting that by 2028 the video conferencing market will be worth just over $24 billion dollars, suddenly, it becomes obvious that no matter how big your business currently is or aims to become, it can’t grow without video conferencing software.

There is a demand for fully immersive conversations and meetings amongst workers. If you’re still navigating through the details of video conferencing software in 2022, here’s the rundown and top reasons why it’s worth it to upgrade to video:

1. Video Provides The Most Effective Mode Of Communication

Until we can secure holographic technology, video interactions are the most meaningful form of communication that we have available – other than meeting in person. More engaging, and able to offer deeper context than audio conferencing, video interactions provide that real-world exchange we all want to have and be a part of.

Furthermore, perhaps the biggest game changer and difference when comparing video and audio conferencing is that video gives you so much more information to work with. Reading body language, facial expressions and micro-expressions become routine.

Woman in hijab working on laptop with a take-away coffee, seated in brightly lit coffee shop, looking out the window to the left2. It Brings Together Hybrid Meetings

Bring together the best of both online and in-person meetings to create a dynamic hybrid meeting, only made possible with video conferencing. A hybrid meeting is unique and versatile in that it is usually hosted in a physical location with people physically together in real-time, but then also factors in participants who are remotely located.

The connection between physical and remote is made possible with both audio and video conferencing technology that allows for the “blending” of an in-person piece with a virtual element. Not only does this spike interactivity and participation, this is where collaboration really comes alive.

3. Company Culture And Relationships Depend On It

Not being in the same physical space can create gaps in communication or create a lack of personal connection – especially if you’re solely relying on audio conferencing or messaging apps. When you can’t see someone’s face or get a read on their presence and body language, it’s no surprise that people can feel isolated and alienated.

With video, relationships between the company and potential shareholders, clients and investors can become more tangible. It becomes easier to get a sense of the human on the other side of the conversation, and therefore it feels like more of a two-way conversation. Plus, video conferencing enables different modes to help with the development of different events like webinars, Q & A, teaching modes and hosting online meetings.

4. Video Lowers Costs, Creates Time And Saves The Planet

Time and effort is significantly saved when you don’t have to travel around the country or overseas to make it to a meeting. It can even make a difference on a much more local level; Avoid traffic, commuting and parking by simply showing up online instead. As we enter the age of hybrid work, video conferencing helps to keep the planet greener by keeping extra cars off the road and reducing carbon emissions.

5. It Sets The Stage For A More Versatile Workforce

Every business should strive to be as versatile as possible. What does that mean? A value of prioritizing flexibility in how work gets done and workers are able to do it. When video is a key tool used to empower staff, the ebb and flow of the workplace becomes more manageable alongside the demands of what needs to get done – regardless of physical location.

Video conferencing solutions are designed to come with features that maintain as much of a human connection as possible in an online setting. So whether there’s an employee who is a new parent and needs more time at home or there’s a client who’s located overseas and can’t make it to your office by the end of Q3, feature-rich video conferencing solutions make for a versatile solution. Tools like file sharing, screen sharing, screen and video digital annotation, time zone scheduler – all of these and more add to the ease and convenience of a communication strategy that bends and supports workflows.

Man working on bench in coffee shop, seated against a geometric backsplash in front of laptop, wearing headphones and checking out smartphone6. Meeting Quality Skyrockets

When video is added to the mix, it becomes a whole new meeting experience rather than just a standard audio conference. Using Gallery Mode, everyone can see each other, so not only does it feel inclusive and dynamic, it also means that you’re less likely to see someone zone out or not pay attention to what’s going on. Actual participation and attention is vastly improved when the camera is turned on.

Kick it up a few notches and choose video conferencing software that comes with calendaring, time-zone and scheduling tools. It becomes easy to link up your contacts and send out automated invitations and reminders so participants can know exactly when and where to show up. Less absenteeism creates more engaging participation!

7. The “Digital Trail” Is Priceless

In an in-person or audio meeting, it can be cumbersome to keep track of who said what and what action items were mentioned – especially when you have numerous people in a sync. Rather than following up or double-checking what was said, video tools offer more sustainable and accurate ways to highlight information and make sure all the important pieces were captured. The most obvious is the video itself. It’s easy to hit record now to save and watch later.

Furthermore, you can use annotation tools to mark up live video and summaries to get detailed transcriptions, speaker tags and time and date stamps for capturing precise details.

With Callbridge, you’ll quickly learn that video isn’t merely an option in today’s high-functioning workforce. In fact, it’s a necessity and an essential tool for productivity. Scale up and grow faster using video conferencing technology to bring ease and flow into your hybrid work environment.

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