Online Technical Training Software

Iotum provides the multi-camera, state-of-the-art video and voice conferencing platform essential for high-end technical training.

Meet And Exceed The Needs Of The Modern Technical Workforce and Education:

Real-Time Interactive Video and Voice

Empower live remote training with world-class technology. Deliver your comprehensive training videos and tutorials using adaptive 96p to 1080p resolution plus a 48 kHz sampling rate with full-sound bandwidth. High-tech video and voice in one.

Live Video Annotation

Call attention to key parts of the video and live training by highlighting, circling, and pointing out information in real-time. Use the pen tool and shapes to draw while streaming live. Save annotations at any time.

Multi-Camera Video Platform

Use up to four cameras for a multi-angle experience. Invite viewers to see a specific event from different angles for close-up and macro views. There’s the option to name each camera and pin your preferred view or display it all in Gallery View.

Breakout Rooms

If a student or participant needs extra help, the moderator can take the student into an “Instant Breakout room” to seamlessly work with the student one on one and before returning to the main room.

Increase Engagement 

Incorporate features like Screen Sharing, Recording, Laser Pointer, and more when creating training videos to add visual impact and clarity for viewers. Securely store and share media files via your Cloud Drive giving you swift and easy access to your content when you need it.

Gauge Emotion And Participation

Effective for determining the tone of the session, look to see how content is being received by participants using Sentiment Analysis, a sophisticated tool that provides positive and negative emotions in the transcription.

Iotum’s Technical Training Capabilities

Experience high-quality live video and voice remote training that is relevant and relatable. Give learners the best learning opportunities so that they can be at the cutting edge of their training. Choose live video and voice training for:

Multi Camera Vantage Gives You The Advantage

Learn and teach with multiple cameras without having to move the camera around. Select which cameras are viewable to others in the session and hone in on the important angles. 

iotum-workflows-surgery training-multi-angles camera
iotum-workflows-cooking tutorial-multi camera-min

Distance Learning

Reach anyone from anywhere at any time with live sessions that can happen right now or be recorded for later viewing. Plus, you can edit and add effects like picture-in-picture, Speaker Spotlight, animation, text overlays, and more.

Hyper-Detailed Sessions

Annotation and multi-angle cameras work hard to showcase precise details for viewers. Bring trainees into hyper-focused situations or less intense – but just as precise .

tech training with multi camera
iotum-workflows-technical training-multi-camera setting

Scaling Your Network

Reach farther than ever before to grow outward and exponentially expand your reach. Create rich online communities that foster deeper learning amongst learners and up-leveling amongst trainers and educators.

Iotum’s Software for Technical Training Across Multiple Industries


Medical Training

Bring students right into the action using multiple cameras that capture different angles at the same time. Link a headcam, webcam, action camera, and more through iotum’s API camera functionality to simulate a real-world scenario in the back of an ambulance or in the ICU.


Skilled Trades Training

Move from hands-on to “hands-off” distance learning for students and apprentices in the trades. Adapt to online learning using digital training and assessment tools for lectures, and instructional sessions.

Iotum’s Software for A Video-Centric, Detail-Oriented Approach To:


Online Presence

Create engaging content for online followers to get a front-row seat of your offering. Record your multi-camera cooking show or stream live to YouTube. Launch your product or service via webinar and interact in real-time using annotation to ask questions and point out your CTA.



Connect rural patients to specialists with more ease in less time. Cut down paperwork and referrals when you can call in using video and video annotation to circle, arrow, and point out visual cues to make faster and more accurate diagnoses on the spot.

Iotum’s online technical training software empowers heightened workflows.

The iotum platform is built to integrate easily into existing solutions. Let’s see how we can help you.