Remote Field Service Software

Be in two places at once with iotum’s video and voice platform for immediate feedback, support, and troubleshooting – from anywhere.

Why iotum?

High-Quality Video and Voice Software

Bring in experts from any location via a real-time high-definition video and audio feed.

Live Video Annotation

Call attention to key parts of the video and call out real-life details by circling, and pointing out information in real-time. Use the pen tool and shapes to draw while streaming live. Save annotations at any time.

Multi-Camera Video Platform

Use up to four cameras for a multi-angle experience. Call on experts to view a specific remote service from different angles for faster and more precise work. There’s the option to name each camera and pin your preferred view or display it all in Gallery View.

Easy Access

It’s as simple as starting a browser-based video session with the click of a button, and using Screen Sharing while engaged in a two-way video and voice connection.

Remote Support And Service For All Kinds Of Scenarios:

Quality Inspections

Inspect the quality of a product or make a service call when you video into view. Examine, diagnose and resolve issues from any device.

Service Training And Consultation

Provide high-end training and consultation sessions for both detailed “hands-on” and theoretic knowledge transmission.

Facility Tours And Hosting

Host franchise discovery days or take stakeholders on a tour of the site with integrated technology that feels like the next best thing to being there in person.

Quotes And Sales Estimates

Iotum’s live video and voice allow for immediate presence and viewing. Secure new business with accurate estimates made on the spot without a site visit. Reduce travels costs, too!

Maintenance and Repair

Solve customer problems and snafus in minutes – from anywhere – when experts and support specialists can video in to see exactly what’s going on and offer instruction.

How it works:

Conduct services and meet with customers remotely via video and audio to have experts and specialists appear onscreen to get the job done.

  • A customer visits your website or app to chat with your team in real-time.
  • Click to start a video session.
  • The customer joins with a single tap to appear on screen within seconds (without them ever having to leave your website or app).
  • Use screen sharing to see what they see (helpful for troubleshooting with technology), add mark-ups to the video, and guide customers through their inquiry.
  • Review the recorded sessions and insights with your team via the cloud-based dashboard; Ideal for field work and training.
iotum-workflows-remote field service-infographic

Increase your company revenue and reduce your overall costs with iotum:

  • An 80% reduction in travel costs
  • Up to 33% decrease in the time it takes to troubleshoot
  • Unnecessary trips and commuting 100% eliminated
  • 5x Closing Rate

Iotum’s Field Service Software Is Fast And Functional

With iotum, “I see what you see” technology takes the guesswork out of imagining what the problem might be and instead puts you right at the center of exactly what it is. Iotum provides flexibility, choice and so much more:

Immediate And Accurate Support

Make remote contact in the case of an emergency or remote disaster wherever you are. Video in professional for immediate care and connection.

iotum-workflows-remote field service-auto-repair-support-min

Reliable And Adaptive Technology

Intelligent algorithms decode and remeasure the available bandwidth to provide the best resolution possible. Specific network conditions are adjusted with adaptive video resolution technology for a smooth user experience.

Detailed Visual Feedback

Annotation and multi-angle cameras work hard to showcase precise details for viewers. Bring trainees into hyper-focused schematics or detailed demonstrations. Show customers how to “fix it” themselves without having to make a house call.

iotum-workflows-remote field service-speaker spotlight-repairing tutorial
workflows-remote field service-speaker spotlight

Multi-Party Experts

Improve understanding and depth of knowledge by bringing on multiple experts for a rich conferencing experience. Share knowledge and gain diverse insights with Speaker Spotlight and Gallery View.

Iotum’s Software for Remote Services Across Multiple Industries:


Show up promptly and ready to problem solve when you can video-in to tackle customer problems. Whether it’s software or hardware, remote video support allows you to detect, diagnose and dive in.



Multiple construction sites? Drafting up policies and permits? Hiring abroad? Video calling allows for streamlined management across all departments.

Field Work

Juggling multiple jobs between different locations and workplaces requires extra effort and a watchful eye. Remain at the forefront of what’s happening when you can be in two places at once without having to spread yourself thin.

workflows-remote field service-remote

Iotum’s remote field service software empowers heightened workflows.

The iotum platform is built to integrate easily into existing solutions. Let’s see how we can help you.