Improved customer experience with iotum.

Iotum enables next generation call center experience with high quality video and audio, annotation, live streaming, recording and more.

Why choose iotum?

Integrates With Your Organization​

Frictionless call center API for video and audio calls that fits in with your current CRM, calendar, UI, CX, and more.

Top Security

Trusted proprietary technology used by government and financial institutions. Encrypted and HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

All-In-One Features

Ready to launch video chat customer service, scheduling and booking systems, client and admin apps, and more. A complete solution at your fingertips.

Iotum Supports The Customer Journey

Start A Conversation

Iotum provides multiple ways to open a conversation. Customers can engage immediately through booking technology, an online waiting room, or click to call.

  • Book an appointment
  • Join an online meeting 
  • Link-in to a voice or video call with customer support
Voice phone call to the meeting
screen sharing with diagram show on the shared screen

Connect With Customers

Meet customers where they’re at. From an in-depth video chat webinar to upselling other products mid-call, you can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device. Zero installs.

  • High-quality Video and Audio for Call Centers
  • In-call Annotation
  • Recorded Transcription
  • Screen Sharing
  • Document and File Sharing

Record, Transcribe and Summarize

Experience total clarity and precision when customer support video chat sessions are recorded and transcribed for review,  shared with customers, or used as part of a training module. Receive detailed analytics to view further customer insights, data and feedback.

  • Customer Service Video Chat and Voice Recordings
  • Save to Cloud
  • Live Annotation
Meeting summary screenshot with video and conversation record

Benefits of Iotum’s API for Contact Centers


Create Heightened Customer Experiences

Live-video experiences provide customers the peace of mind knowing that any of their challenges are met with care and presence. This includes complex and drawn out contracts or highly detailed specifications.


Improve The Customer Journey

Frictionless switching between chat conversations and video calls during customer service calls enables customers to feel taken care of and allows for agents to respond immediately. Initiation is lightning-quick when there’s no scheduling required.


Add Upsells And Subscriptions

At the end of the interaction, whether in video call or text, share additional sales material, documents and videos related to other services or upsells.


Keep Customers Happy And Loyal

Reinforcing customer relationships is what matters when it comes to reaching sales goals. Let iotum’s automation and video API for call and contact centers alleviate repetitive tasks, schedule invites and reminders, and take care of redundant admin jobs.

More reasons to collaborate with iotum for Contact Centers

Andriod and iOS apps download available
  • No Downloads
  • Easy Booking
  • Built for  Call and Contact Centers
  • Safe and Secure
  • Gathered Analytics
  • Available on Android and iPhone

Iotum’s video contact center software empowers heightened workflows.

The iotum platform is built to integrate easily into existing solutions. Let’s see how we can help you.