Custom integrations

In addition to iotum’s product portfolio, we offer online and audio collaboration features a-la-carte. This allows organizations to pick and choose what they need instead of purchasing a full solution. This saves money and time, and ensures the product integration is done seamlessly, by the experts. Let us solve a specific feature gap for you so that you can focus on YOUR core business.

Features integrations

Creative collaboration that turns concepts into reality.

Add engaging, visual impact to presentations.

Send a message to the group or send a private message to one of the attendees using the chat function.
Easily accessible documents so everyone is in the know.

Video or audio record now, save, share and watch later.

Your AI-assistant ready to automate and transcribe meeting details.

Share thoughts by drawing out details during a screen-sharing online conference.

Have more laser-focused conversations in specific groups through Breakout Rooms.

Add a musical boost or a personalized message to your meetings.

Would you like to discuss integrating one or more of these features? Let's talk!

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