Embed real-time video into web and mobile apps with iotum’s video conference API integration for “almost real-life” connections.


Be in the moment with video CONFERENCE API that bridge the gap

Iotum’s video conference API brings conversations to life. See and interact with other people virtually and watch as they stay tuned-in longer and with more focus. Amp up the face-to-face factor across healthcare, business, and education with live Video Conference and streaming, speaker spotlight, multiple callers, and more.



Video conference is a flexible API integration that fits into your existing platform and makes
face-to-face communication stronger.

Almost Real-Life

High Definition Video

Iotum’s Video Conference API supports 1080p resolution for sharp and clear picture that occupies less bandwidth.

Smart Resolution

Video Conference API adjusts to specific network conditions with adaptive video resolution technology for a smooth user experience for every caller.

Painless Experience

API supports video collaboration on any device for video integration that is customizable, versatile, and scalable.

Hear Clearly And Effectively

Clear and Effective Audio

Iotum’s Video Conferencing API platform power provides high definition audio up to 192 kbps. Clear sound, supported by our in-house audio, is delivered smoothly and disruption-free anytime you rely on it.

Consistent Reach

Even in low bandwidth and less than ideal network scenarios, iotum’s patented voice call technology and Video Conference API still come through to dial, take, and monitor calls.

AI-Powered Service

Meet Cue™

Face your business forward while Cue™, your AI-powered personal assistant, automates transcription, filters and selects repeated words, and saves to the cloud after every Video conference.

Tag Now, Search Later

Use Auto Tags and Smart Search from Cue for fast access to the valuable information extracted from your video conferences.

More Features

Screen Sharing

Iotum’s Video Conference API gives users the maneuverability of sharing their whole screen for simplified, visually appealing navigation and explanation.

Serious Security

Access permission, private codes, and encryption are all at work behind the scenes to keep video conferences running smoothly and intruder-free.

VIDEO Conference Use Cases


For Social Apps

From online gaming to retail product launches, and educational to healthcare apps, let iotum’s Video Conference API visually open up the lines of communication to speak to small or large groups or one-on-one settings.


For Learning Online

Enrich education with video conference that bring experienced educators right into the homes of remote learners, or provide tutors for additional studying time for students. Classrooms become digital with voice and video conference, online whiteboards, document sharing, and more.


For Collaboration

Reinforce group dynamics between home and office. Create virtual spaces for online meetings, client introductions, and remote sales pitches with screen sharing, AI-powered Cue™, and more with our advanced Video Conference API.


For Healthcare

Let iotum’s Video Conference API expedite diagnostics and bring in-person appointments online. Save time when prescriptions, follow-ups, and check-ins become video-based.

For face-to-face integrated connections, come together
with iotum’s Video Conference API