Live Streaming API

Engage large audiences using iotum’s high-performing Live Streaming API to capture every gesture and nuance, seamlessly integrated into your platform.

Create interactive events online for audiences of all shapes and sizes

Iotum’s Live Streaming API is an opportunity to personalize any event or gathering by broadcasting a rich layer of visual stimulation. It easily builds into your existing app for interactive exchanges between hosts and audience members that drive your following, increase your online presence, and ramp up revenue streams.


Live Streaming API works alongside your present app structure and takes it to the next level of exposure.

Virtually Real Video

High Definition Video

Iotum’s Live Video Streaming API supports 1080p resolution for clear picture that occupies less bandwidth.

Speedy Channel Switching

Our API allows for a lightning-speed channel switch time for viewers who want to jump from one live stream to the next without delay.

Adaptive Algorithms

Smart algorithms decode and measure each user’s hardware and available network bandwidth to provide the best resolution possible.

Smart Resolution

Live Streaming API adjusts to specific network conditions with adaptive video resolution technology for a smooth user experience for every caller.

Painless Experience

Supports video collaboration on any device for live integration that is customizable, versatile, and scalable.

Two-Tier Video Streams

Every audience comprises different devices and mixed network conditions. Let iotum’s video streaming API cater to all by providing both high and low bitrates.

Rich-Sounding Audio

Clear and Effective Audio

Iotum’s Live Streaming platform power provides high definition audio up to 192 kbps. Clear sound, supported by our in-house audio, is delivered smoothly and disruption-free anytime you rely on it.

Super Wideband

Use iotum’s Live Streaming API to move away from narrowband to more refined and processed super wideband audio that distinguishes words, lessens listener fatigue, and makes deciphering painless.

Lightning-Fast Initial Rendering

Direct sound into the ears of listeners means iotum’s initial audio rendering is immediate to create pure coherence.


Iotum’s robust algorithms and API work hard in the background to provide a smooth Live Streaming experience, free from distortion, interruption, and other impairments – every time you use it.

Ignite Inclusivity

Record And Share

It’s simple to share the on-demand recording link with your present audience now and for those who will view it later.

Create Co-Hosts

Invite hosts from other channels to participate in a single video stream to maximize social gatherings, collaborate on performances, and unite across different virtual spaces.

Build Experiences

Upgrade your existing platform with iotum’s Live Streaming API and integration solution for an enhanced and customized video streaming experience catered to your app and audience.

Online Presence

Streamlined Access

Reach an even bigger audience when viewers can securely tune into your channel, publicly or privately, with a unique URL.

Better Viewership

Uplevel brand awareness, reach your growing audience and improve YouTube search results when viewers can just view without having to participate.

Secure Connections

Maintain customer and viewer privacy with iotum’s built-in GDPR compliance and HIPAA eligibility.

Live Streaming API AND INTEGRATION Use Cases

retail icon

For Retail and e-Commerce

Showcase services or products with real-time demonstrations to bring to life how it all comes together. Let audiences interact with sales teams or spokespeople using real-time chat or video. Gamify your retail experience with contests and audience questions.


For Telehealth

Bridge the gap between healthcare providers, patients, and family members using HIPAA-eligible video groups to maintain privacy and stay socially connected.


For Online Events

Never rent out a hall or visit a convention center again. Iotum’s Live Streaming API brings your seminar, industry conference, and large-scale event into a virtual space. Reach every participant just like you would in real life.

online-gaming icon

For eSports

Gaming and sports live online when you can stream gameplay to audiences. International fans are united when they can follow and interact with players and with each other, before, during, and after games.

Let’s Explore The Possibilities

The iotum platform is built to integrate easily into existing solutions. Let’s see how we can help you.