Augmented Reality with iotum

Looking for API integration or to inject an out-of-the-box solution? Iotum provides live streaming video for augmented reality and digital visualizations.

Why iotum?

Cutting-Edge Video and Voice

Experience high-quality adaptive 96p to 1080p resolution plus a 48 kHz sampling rate with full-sound bandwidth.

Better Engagement

Bring digital visualizations to life for customers to connect, interact, view, and play with via live streaming or record to watch later.

Seamless Integration

Fill the gap between VR and the real world by seamlessly integrating API into your current app for instant video connection.

Enhanced Participation

Use Screen Sharing, Annotation, Transcription, Recording, and more to create a rich and informative online conversation with instant access and touchpoints for prospects.

Smart and Consistent

Smooth and robust, iotum’s API works behind the scenes to adjust to network conditions using adaptive video resolution technology. Enjoy exceptional viewing free from disruption, interruption, and cut-outs.

Safe and Secure

Trusted proprietary technology used by real estate and retail institutions. Encrypted and GDPR compliant.

See how iotum embedded video and voice works in a AR headset

Iotum’s Capabilities with AR

Your digital assets and content are valuable. Make sure they’re given the best possible outcome with video and voice that supports their viewing and interaction

Virtual Experiences

Show off your custom-designed innovations and devices by replicating the in-person experience online. Browser-based video and voice allow your AVR product to get seen and heard by anyone anywhere at any time.

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iotum-workflows-VR-live stream-min

Immersive Video

Make participants feel like they’re a part of a 3D model or 360-degree rendering when you can broadcast your assets online or walk through a presentation or webinar in real-time.

Augmented Reality Scenes

Pitching to a client? Save time and money by offering a preview or presentation of your footage and recreations via live streaming to YouTube, publicly or privately. Or, create an online meeting for instant viewing and participation.



Monitor and analyze with iotum’s Analytics product to pull out live updates, diagnostics, and alerts. Track user engagement to better understand how prospects and clients are using your AR technology stack.

Synchronized Conferencing

Invite participants to view, interact, collaborate, and more with iotum’s proprietary video conferencing and API solution. Lead a virtual tour where viewers can raise a hand, use breakout rooms and speaker spotlight. 

iotum-workflows-VR-multi features

Iotum’s API for Augmented Reality Across Multiple Industries:


Real Estate

Once your retail spaces have been built and are ready to showcase, let iotum stream your property to showcase value, potential, and layout. Invite potential customers to see, hear and touch virtual spaces in real-time.



Add an online retail function to bring your current platform into augmented reality. Make shopping immersive with virtual shopping, contests, launches, and store openings. Enjoy live cooking demonstrations using multiple cameras to include the entire kitchen.



Gaming, tournaments, and sports – get in on the action when you can live stream, and connect online using text chat to bring people together. Whether in actuality or virtual reality, use iotum’s state-of-the-art functions to make it feel like the real deal.


Remote Field Support

Effective for disaster response and oil and gas initiatives, iotum’s video and voice technology streamlines data for the faster transmission of status updates, and immediate feedback from remote correspondents and onsite workers.


Education and Training

Let medical students from near and far be a part of the experience when you can transport the class into the operating room to view a simulation or live procedure.

Iotum’s video contact center software empowers heightened workflows.

The iotum platform is built to integrate easily into existing solutions. Let’s see how we can help you.