iotum Accessibility Plan

About iotum

A leader in video and audio solutions, iotum is committed to building cutting-edge products and services that enhance remote collaboration and communication for organizations of any size, anywhere in the world. The iotum platform is built to integrate easily into existing solutions, from education, to health, to gaming. Engage with your audience in real-time, on any platform, from anywhere, through the addition of video and voice with iotum’s API and SDK solutions.

Our Accessibility Commitment and Our Principles

iotum created this plan to align with our core values and the following principles, set out in section 6 of the Accessible Canada Act:

  • All persons must be treated with dignity regardless of their disabilities.
  • All persons must have the same opportunity to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have regardless of their disabilities.
  • All persons must have barrier-free access to full and equal participation in society, regardless of their disabilities.
  • All persons must have meaningful options and be free to make their own choices, with support if they desire, regardless of their disabilities.
  • Laws, policies, programs, services, and structures must take into account the disabilities of persons, the different ways that persons interact with their environments and the multiple and intersecting forms of marginalization and discrimination faced by persons.
  • The development and revision of accessibility standards and the making of regulations must be done with the objective of achieving the highest level of accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Accomplishments to Date

Iotum has made significant investments in making our products and services more accessible. In 2023 iotum evaluated its platform against the WCAG 2.0 AA standard for accessibility and found a number of places where improvements could be made.

  • Updated iotum’s platform user interface so that it met WCAG 2.0 AA standards so that the platform can allow people who are visually or physically impaired to use the application
  • Added a live captioning feature to iotum’s video conference service so that people who are hearing impaired can participate in a video conference


In preparation for this plan iotum consulted with customers of its platform with disabilities to understand barriers for them to use our products. Through this consultation iotum observed users with disabilities trying to use the software and observing gaps. This became an iterative process whereby iotum would make improvements to accessibility, and then observe another session with the customers. Through many iterations, the customers were able to accomplish more and more until the application was completely usable for all customers who participated.

Accessibility Priorities 

Priority Area 1: Employment

We make efforts to increase the representation of people with disabilities in our employee base. We are an equal opportunities employer and ensure every job advertisement we post includes our Equal Opportunities Employer statement. We offer accommodation to individuals with disabilities during the application, interview, and hiring process.

When employees are hired, they can self-identify as an individual with a disability. We continually review the number of employees who identify as individuals living with disability to determine the success of the measures we put in place to increase the representation of people with disabilities amongst our employees. We also continually consider and discuss ways to increase this representation.

Priority Area 2: Built Environment

All of iotum’s physical spaces are accessible. We require all new spaces we rent, lease, or purchase to be accessible.

Priority Area 3: Information and Communication Technologies

iotum wants to remove barriers and prevent the creation of new barriers in the information and communication technologies that we build.

iotum has already invested heavily in making sure that its products are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. See the Accomplishments to Date section of our plan.
Starting in 2024 iotum will undertake the following activities to continue to improve accessibility:

  • iotum will be requesting accessibility feedback from its customers annually to find new gaps that could be improved. When gaps are identified a specific plan will be implemented on how iotum can address these.
  • To ensure that our products remain WCAG 2.0 AA compliant iotum will scan its products using accessibility scanners on at least a semi-annual basis and fix any new issues that are found.
  • iotum will also scan all its brand websites for WCAG 2.0 AA compliance.
  • Starting in 2023 iotum’s product management team has made accessibility a key design requirement of all new product features and services iotum creates.

Priority Area 4: Communication, other than ICT

This section refers to non-digital communication. This includes brand guidelines, advertising, marketing, and formal employee gatherings.

iotum requires that its brand guidelines are accessible. iotum does everything possible to ensure formal employee gatherings do not have any barriers for people with disabilities.

Priority Area 5: Procurement of Goods, Services and Facilities

“Procurement” is the process of buying goods and services.

Starting in 2024 iotum will make the accessibility of vendor platforms a factor in our evaluation criteria on new platforms we purchase.

Over the next three years, iotum will evaluate which of our vendor platforms and products are WCAG 2.0 AA accessible.

Priority Area 6: Design and Delivery of Programs and Services

Our programs and services involve communications. How we will become a more accessible provider in the design and delivery of our programs and services is outlined under the Communication (other than ICT) section of our plan.

Priority Area 7: Transportation

We have not identified barriers related to transportation.

How to Contact Us

You are welcome to submit feedback on how we are implementing this plan, or the barriers that you encounter in interacting with us, using our services, or working with us.

You can submit feedback by contacting us through:

  • Email at
  • By phone at (855) 953-1555
  • Or you can post to Iotum Inc., 1209 N. Orange St, Wilmington DE 19801-1120 Attn: Accessibility.

The iotum Accessibility Plan was revised and effective as of May 30, 2024.