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Are you ready to transform your online interactions? Unlock the potential of seamless face-to-face communication on your website, platform, or software. Our Video API empowers you to create immersive and impactful experiences that go beyond traditional communication methods.


Unleash the Power of Real-Time Connection With Video API

Imagine offering your users or customers an “almost real-life” video communication experience. Our cutting-edge Video API is more than just a tool – it’s a gateway to enhanced communication and collaboration. Elevate your platform by embedding real-time video chat, video conferencing, and live streaming capabilities that will set you apart in the digital landscape.

Why Choose Our Video API?

video conference API

Optimal Viewing Experience

Our state-of-the-art video API technology ensures crystal-clear audio and video, optimizing bandwidth for top-tier quality, even in challenging connectivity scenarios. Experience superior video quality that surpasses expectations.

Seamless Integration

Plug, play, and connect seamlessly. iotum’s pre-integrated Video API ensures all the necessary functionalities without the need for additional development. Keep your users engaged effortlessly.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you need cost-effective one-on-one video chat or an enterprise-ready Video API solution, our Video API surpasses your requirements. Enjoy seamless setup and reliable performance, regardless of your business’s scale or type.


Unlock the Power of Video to Attract, Engage, and Retain

Discover how iotum’s Video API can enhance various sectors:

technical training

Customer Service

Offer hassle-free video chat on your website or app, providing users with a seamless communication experience. Allow your customer service reps to switch seamlessly between chat, phone call and video without ever losing connection with a customer.



Transform your healthcare services with our HIPAA-compliant telehealth Video Conferencing API. Allow doctors and patients to communicate without friction by embedding iotum’s Video API today! Streamline diagnostics, consultations, and follow-ups.


Elevate education with interactive virtual classrooms and breakout rooms, bridging the gap between remote learners and educators.


Gaming & Metaverse

Take your gaming and metaverse experience to new heights with fully integrated video capabilities. Allow gamers to communicate as if they’re in the same room.

technical training

Technical Training

Reimagine technical training with multi-camera “I see what you see” functionality, ensuring immersive learning experiences.

Remote Field Services

Enable real-time feedback and support for remote field services across various scenarios, from training to inspections.


Engage Customers And Strengthen Face-To-Face
Communication With A Frictionless Video Experience Using Optimized
Video API Features

High quality video conference API

Experience "Almost Real Life" Interactions with Our Optimized Video API Features

  • Exceptional Enterprise-Quality Video Conferencing
    Craft conferences for small and large audiences with advanced features, including global phone dial-ins, dial-outs, and AI-powered transcriptions.
  • Engaging High-Definition Video
    Adaptive resolution from 96p to 1080p ensures optimal video quality, even on low-bandwidth connections.
  • Ultra Sharp-Sounding Audio
    Crystal-clear audio with a 48 kHz sampling rate for disruption-free communication.

High-Quality Video and Audio with Our Video API

  • Smart Resolution Every Time
    VP9 SVC adaptive video resolution technology ensures a smooth experience for all participants, regardless of network conditions.
  • Hassle-Free Video Connections
    Effortlessly support video calls and dial-outs across all devices with our versatile, customizable, and scalable Video API.
  • Crystal Clear Audio Quality
    Enjoy high-definition audio up to 192 kbps, ensuring clear and crisp audio during video calls, even in low-bandwidth conditions.
Scheduling and invitation
Cue-transcription and smart search

Explore Automation With AI-Powered Services

  • AI-Powered Services with Cue™
    Automate transcriptions, filter repetitive words, and securely save to the cloud after each video conference with your personal assistant, Cue™.
  • Effortless Organization and Data Retrieval
    Leverage Cue™’s Auto Tags and Smart Search functions for swift access to valuable insights from your video content.


Recording, Transcription, and Sentiment Analysis
File Upload and Screenshots
Screen Sharing, Whiteboard, and Video Annotation
Breakout Rooms and Waiting Room
We Build Easy-to-Implement, Customizable Video API at an Affordable Price

More features with video conference API

Ready to Elevate Your Online Presence?

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Let’s see how OUR VIDEO API can help

FAQ for Video API

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a set of programming tools and protocols that allow developers to integrate one application’s capabilities into a website, service, or another application.


Thus, a video API is an API that allows developers to integrate video conferencing/communication functionalities into a website, app, or service.


It enables the user to perform real-time video (and audio) interactions to conduct video calls, video conferences, or other video-related functionalities on the website or app without having to develop the video conferencing infrastructure from scratch.


Basically, a video API saves the time and resources otherwise required to enable video conferencing features on a platform.

A video API acts like a “bridge” between two applications.

When you use a video API, your application (your website, mobile app, etc.) sends requests to the video API’s server (i.e., iotum’s server.) The requests happen over WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology to establish secure real-time communication between the two applications. 

The video API server then processes the requests and sends back responses, which can be video streams, audio streams, video call metadata, or other data. 

The communications between the two applications allow the application to “borrow” the video functionalities of the video API.

There are many benefits of using a video API compared to building your own video infrastructure from scratch or purchasing a standalone video application. These benefits include: 

  • Reduced development costs: Compared to building your own video conferencing functionality from scratch, using a video API is much more cost-effective. 
  • Reduced time to market: Since you don’t need to develop your own video infrastructure, you can launch the video conferencing feature to your users much faster with a video API.
  • Improved scalability: Using a video API is much more scalable than having your own video infrastructure. When you need to accommodate more users, for example, you can simply upgrade your video API plan rather than having to buy new servers.
  • Increased reliability: Reputable video APIs like iotum are maintained and constantly updated by experienced teams of developers and engineers, so your video conferencing functionality will always be reliable and available for your users. When you have your own video API, you have to perform the maintenance yourself.

While the ease of using video APIs will depend on the provider and the complexity of your project, most video APIs are designed to be intuitive and easy to use.


iotum offers developer-friendly tools with comprehensive documentation, making it easy for developers to integrate video functionalities into their applications via iotum’s video API.

Video API has a wide range of use cases that may benefit your needs, including:

  • Video conferencing

You can use video APIs to create a video conferencing solution for various applications on your business (online meetings, remote learning, online customer support, etc.) without having to build the infrastructure from scratch. 

  • Live streaming

Video APIs allow you to live broadcast your video content to your audience. 

  • Video chat

You can use a video API to create a video chat solution for your business, which you can then use to enable real-time video conversations for your team or to facilitate online video customer support.


  • Video surveillance

You can use video APIs to create video surveillance solutions that allow you to monitor remote locations using cameras. 


These are just a few examples of the many different ways that video APIs can be used. As we can see, the applications of video APIs are highly versatile and can offer improved interactivity, user engagement, and real-time communication across a wide variety of industries.

A good video API should have the following qualities: 

  • Reliability: the video API should provide reliable video functionalities that can handle your expected user load.
  • Ease of use: the video API should be accompanied by comprehensive documentation and should be easy to set up and integrate into your application.
  • Scalable: the video API should be able to handle a growing number of users and sessions. 
  • Customization: you should be able to customize the video API to align with your specific use case and to match your brand identity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Competitive and flexible pricing to accommodate your current and future budget.
  • Security: Adequate security measures to ensure optimal data security, privacy, and integrity.