Live Audio Streaming API

Use iotum’s Live Audio Streaming API for super wideband audio and real-time interaction that integrates easily and brings immediacy to your app.

Amplify any conversation to an all-scale global audience

With iotum’s Live Audio Streaming API capabilities, anyone can record and broadcast high-resolution audio to an audience of any size, anywhere – in real-time. Iotum’s high-processing and robust algorithm allows for fast initial rendering so the sound is crisp, and vocal nuances are conveyed without delay or interruption.

audio streaming

AUDIO Streaming API Features

Use iotum’s Live Audio Streaming API for wideband audio and real-time interaction that integrates easily and brings audible clarity to your app.

Exceptional Audio

Clear and Effective Audio

Iotum’s Audio Streaming API platform power provides high definition audio up to 192 kbps. Clear sound, supported by our in-house audio, is delivered smoothly and disruption-free anytime you rely on it.

Super Wideband

Move away from narrowband to more refined and processed super wideband audio that distinguishes words, lessens listener fatigue, and makes deciphering painless.

Lightning-Fast Initial Rendering

Direct sound into the ears of listeners means iotum’s initial audio rendering instantly creates pure coherence.


Iotum’s robust algorithms work hard in the background to provide a smooth experience, free from distortion, interruption, and other impairments – every time you use it.

Ignite Inclusivity

Record And Share

It’s simple to share the on-demand recording link with your present audience now and for those who will view it later.

Create Co-Hosts

Invite hosts from other channels to participate in a single audio stream to enhance social gatherings, collaborate on performances, and unite across different virtual spaces.

Build Experiences

Upgrade your existing platform with iotum’s Live Audio Streaming API for an enhanced and customized audio experience catered to your app and audience.

Versatility Across The Board

Multiple Ways To Call

Expand your reach using zero-download, browser-based software, or professional, toll-free dial-in numbers to call into online meetings around the world.

Audio Recording

If you’re looking to get more from your meetings and events, turn to audio recordings and transcripts powered by AI.

Meeting Room Integration

Iotum’s Audio Streaming API robust technology seamlessly integrates into your online meeting room so you can hold an internet, video conferencing, or VoIP call.

Live Audio Streaming Use Cases


For Podcasts

Provide clear and concise, high-quality audio interviews and conversations for podcasts that garner a returning audience. Talk about anything with confidence, knowing your thoughts and ideas are received loud and clear from any device around the world.

For Internet Audio

Iotum’s Live Audio Streaming API invites online radio show followers to ask questions, share opinions, and participate in activities and competitions, so they can easily tune into your stream.


For Online Learning

Provide an ultra-low latency audio solution for improved online learning for students and better digital tools for educators looking to make an immediate impact. Better collaboration and a dynamic online presence are made possible with live audio that gets heard effectively.

Let’s Explore The Possibilities

The iotum platform is built to integrate easily into existing solutions. Let’s see how we can help you.