Video Chat API

Embed real-time video into web and mobile apps with iotum’s Video Chat API integration for “almost real-life” connections.


Cutting-Edge Video Chat API
and Video SDK Are Built To Fit Seamlessly And Bring To Life
Unforgettable Online Experiences

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Create An Optimal Video Viewing Experience

Our Video Chat API and SDK utilizes the latest in video technology that uses less bandwidth for the same top-notch video quality. You can always expect crystal clear audio and video. Plus, it’s able to maintain better video quality under poor internet conditions.

Frictionless Experiences From Start To Finish

Make every user touchpoint as simplified and convenient as possible, so prospects never have to leave your page to view a video. Stay ahead of the curve in today’s business landscape with iotum’s already-built in Video Chat API that ensures all additional actions can be done from your page – without additional development from your side. Simply plug, play and meet.

Exceptional Video Solutions For Every Need

Whatever the framework of your business or organization, iotum’s Video Chat API can match and exceed your needs. If you’re looking for low cost 1:1 chat, or a larger, more enterprise-ready solution for thousands of participants, iotum’s quality control, analytics and network performance indicators work to accommodate your set-up, anytime and wherever you are.


Use Video To Attract, Engage and Retain Customers
Every Step Of The Way

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Customer Service

Regardless of location, give users the seamless opportunity to connect to others via Video Chat API. Using customizable video chat embedded into your app, users can video chat without ever leaving your page.



Let iotum’s HIPAA-compliant tech expedite diagnostics and bring in-person appointments online. Save time when prescriptions, follow-ups, and check-ins become video-based.


Enrich education with video chat that brings experienced educators right into the homes of remote learners with interactive virtual classrooms and breakout rooms.


Gaming & Metaverse

Enhance your platform, backend gaming development and online tournaments with video technology and full integration.

technical training

Technical Training

Use multi-camera “I see what you see” Video Chat API functionality for in-depth teaching and learning, loaded with real-time video and voice and live video annotation.

Remote Field Services

Experience immediate and on-the-spot feedback for multiple scenarios including quality inspections, service trainings, tours, estimates, repairs and so much more.


Engage Customers And Strengthen Face-To-Face
Communication With A Frictionless Video Experience Using Optimized
Video Chat API Features

Video chat api High-quality-auido-and-video

Experience “Almost Real Life” Video And Voice

  • Exceptional Enterprise-Quality Video Chat
    Build video chat for small and large audiences with advanced features like global phone dial-in numbers, dial-out and transcriptions created through AI-power.
  • Engaging High-Definition Video
    Iotum’s Video Chat API uses proprietary in-house algorithms to provide adaptive resolution from 96p to 1080p to enhance video quality using less bandwidth.
  • Ultra Sharp-Sounding Audio
    A 48 kHz sampling rate with full-sound bandwidth capture ensures clear audio, everytime.
  • View Smart Resolution Every Time
    Video Chat API adjusts to specific network conditions with VP9 SVC adaptive video resolution technology for a smooth user experience for every caller.
  • Experience Hassle-Free Video Connections
    Video Chat API supports video calls and dial-out on any device for customizable, versatile and scalable video integration.

Send And Receive Messages Clearly And Effectively

  • Build in Scheduling, Invitations and Reminders
    Iotum’s scheduling API ensures your customer never needs to leave your site to book a meeting with you. Send out customized invitations and reminders via email or SMS to ensure your patient or customer never misses a meeting again.
  • Enjoy Crystal Clear And Crisp-Sounding Audio
    Iotum’s Video Chat API platform provides high definition audio up to 192 kbps. Supported by in-house audio, clear sound is delivered smoothly and disruption-free.
  • Scale and Broaden Your Reach Consistently
    Even in low bandwidth and less-than-ideal network scenarios, iotum’s patented voice call technology and video chat SDK still come through to dial, take, and monitor calls.
video call api video chat api Scheduling and invitation
video chat api Cue-transcription-and-smart-search

Explore Automation With AI-Powered Services

  • Meet Your Personal Assistant Cue™
    Face your business forward while Cue™, your AI-powered personal assistant, automates transcription, filters and selects repeated words, and saves to the cloud after every video chat.
  • Stay Organized and On Top Of The Details
    Use Auto Tags and Smart Search from Cue™ for fast access to the valuable information extracted from your video chat. Tag now, search later.


  • Recording, Transcription and Sentiment Analysis
  • File Upload and Screenshots
  • Screen Sharing, Whiteboard and Video Annotation
  • Breakout Rooms and Waiting Room
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We Build Easy-To-Implement, Customizable Video Chat API
At An Affordable Price

Iotum’s programmable video and voice – optimized to fit into your already existing app – is built by local developers only. Your business is our business which means calls are only routed via secure locations using WebRTC technology (zero downloads required) for extra security that gets updated on a regular basis.

Simply plug-and-play our secure Video Chat API for the next best thing
to being “in-person.”

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