How To Plan Out Your New Year Using Free Conference Calls

Plan Out The New Year & Recap The Old Using Free Conference Calls

Recap new yearCreating a plan for the entire year may seem like a huge task, but it isn’t really that difficult. Using free conference calls, you can connect easily with your team members, and create a list of objectives that you would like your business to achieve by the end of next year.

This list of objective can be long or short, but the important thing is that you do it together with your team so that you can leverage each other’s strengths.

Hold a group video call to recap your year

Group ActivityThe best way to recap the year with your employees is to hold a group video call and go over some highlights of the year. This may sound a bit boring on its own, so make sure you talk about more than just sales milestones and business acquisitions. People love to hear about themselves, so make sure to include social events like parties, birthdays, and interesting moments during the year.

Use free conference calls to determine your plan for the next year

While your recap conference call can be informal, funny, and generally off-the-cuff, I suggest doing more preparation for your new year’s plan.

There are many online guides out there that will help you create a business plan for the new year, so this blog will only cover a few basics.

The first thing you need to do is decide on a few core objectives for the year (the fewer the better), then work backwards to create a plan to complete those objectives. Finally, take your objectives and turn them into actionable items with a deadline.

For example, let’s say your core objective is to have exactly 3 long-term clients. You and your team might decide to send more cold emails, attend more networking events, or even buy leads from a third party. From there, you could decide precisely how much of each activity to do to achieve the desired results.

Share your new plan with all of your employees via conference call recording

PresentationNow that you have your plan, it’s time to share it. lets you create free conference calls with up to 400 audio participants, meaning even the biggest organizations can all be on the same conference call.

But let’s be honest. It’s hard to get 40 people to pay attention during an audio-only conference call, let alone 400. Instead, users on any of our paid plans can livestream their video conference call to Youtube, giving you a virtually limitless meeting capacity, and the ability to save your video to be watched later.

Create your free account now, BEFORE the new year!

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