This December, Use Screen Sharing To Wrap Up Your Business Resolutions

Wrap Up Your Company’s Business Resolutions With A Screen Sharing Service

It’s always a good habit to wrap up your year with a bang by revisiting the resolutions that you made at the beginning of the year, and checking your progress to see how you’ve done. When it comes to businesses, the same applies. This year, use a screen sharing website to look back at how far your business has come, and where it is going in the new year.

Don’t just tell your team about the year, show them with screen sharing

Screen SharingIf you haven’t used screen sharing before, it is exactly what it sounds like: The ability to share the visuals on your screen with everyone in your online meeting room, meaning they see what you see. You can use Callbridge’s screen sharing to show the rest of your business what has happened during the year using your own desktop.

Instead of sending out an email or document that the rest of your company may or may not read, you can easily
share your business’s accomplishments, milestones, and activities through a scheduled web conference call with your entire company in attendance.

Paint a picture of the year ahead with Callbridge’s screen sharing app

Video RecordingThe difference between a good company and a great company is that a great company will get its employees to believe in its goal, and become invested in its future. Using a screen sharing website to wrap up the previous year is a great time to get your employees sold on your vision for the new year.

After you have finished talking about the past year, you can leverage features like video recording to create a video record of all of your business’s aspirations and goals for the new year, including hard objectives. This recording can be saved and shared for later, but the important part is that your business is seeing it firsthand during your conference call.

Screen Sharing Websites Let You Do More With A Single Tool

Office toolsBusinesses aren’t populated by robots (so far), so make sure to add a little levity to your business resolution meeting by adding things like fun pictures and videos of what’s been going on in your business for the last year.

Callbridge’s screen sharing feature can be used to share just about anything to your audience, including fun picture collages or videos that your employees will enjoy.

You will find that screen sharing is a blank slate that allows you to share anything that you would like with your audience, whether it is for business resolutions, or just about anything else.

Get Screen Sharing & More With Callbridge

If you’re interested is trying screen sharing, along with Callbridge’s many other features like AI-assisted searchable transcriptions and the ability to conference from any device without downloads, you can try Callbridge free for 30 days.