TalkShoe and Dundurn Press Launch New Podcast Miniseries: Mean Streets Of Toronto

mean streets of torontoTalkShoe is excited to introduce the newest and most exciting podcast miniseries to date, the Mean Streets of Toronto podcast. Exposing its never before revealed underbelly, the miniseries goes on to give Toronto actual street cred, and shows us that there’s more to this city than just Drake and the Raptors and how “Toronto the good” may actually be Toronto the not-so-good.

In this dynamic podcast, in association with Dundurn Press, mixed and produced by TalkShoe’s very own Anton Strasburg, and executive producers Chris Houston and Dora Bloom, listeners will experience how much more there is behind the scenes of Canada’s largest cosmopolitan city.

Each podcast episode is a chapter from different books written by different authors and published by Dundurn Press. Listen in as each author reads their own chapter. If you want the real story instead of some picture-perfect, glossed-over tale, this is the uncensored podcast miniseries you want to listen to right now.

Truth and light emerge when we can celebrate the shadow and darkness. Enjoy being fully immersed in the naughty and dysfunctional parts of Toronto’s history that are seldom talked about. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect from TalkShoe’s exciting podcast series:

In the opening episode, listeners get to tune into the true story of a music editor at VICE who tried to become the coolest reporter the company had ever had — by becoming an international drug smuggler. In this cautionary tale of drugs, hip-hop, influencers, and glamor, listeners will get the inside scoop on what it’s like to seamlessly move between these worlds. From the book, Bad Trips by By Slava Pastuk with Brian Whitney.

In episode number two, listeners who’ve heard about the Don Jail but don’t really know its backstory will be able to experience what it was actually like to be there. Conceived as a “palace for prisoners,” Toronto’s famed Don Jail never lived up to its promise. Learn how it descended into a place of infamy where both inmates and staff were in constant danger of violence and death. From the book, The Don by Lorna Poplak. Lorna also reads episode number five, about the fire at the Don Jail.

Catch episode number three, and you’ll learn about the true story of a bank robber who, disguised in a mask and Beatle wig, killed a man in a shootout, sparking a national debate around gun control and the death penalty. From the book, The Beatle Bandit by Nate Hendley.

In episode number four, author John Goddard reads from his book The Man with the Black Valise. He tells the story of a teen who was violently attached in 1894. The crime was so brutal that people thought Jack the Ripper was loose in Ontario. The detective on the case became the model for TVs Murdoch Mysteries.

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This podcast is packed with information, and mystery, allowing listeners to become immersed in a full listening experience. Enjoy the music, sound effects, and exciting delivery of the authors whose true stories have never been told until now.

You can catch all the authors at FANEXPO chatting about their books on a panel hosted by CTV’s Richard Crouse titled True Crime on the Mean Streets of Toronto at 2 pm Saturday, August 27th, 2022. Never fear, if you can’t make it TalkShoe will be there to record and publish a bonus episode on the Mean Streets of Toronto Podcast Page.

The podcast can be listened to on the Mean Streets of Toronto Podcast Page hosted by and will soon be released on all major podcast networks.

For more information, visit TalkShoe, and Dundurn Press.

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