iotum May Updates for Customers and Partners

As per usual we’ve been hard at work improving our offering (and yours)! We are continuing to bring the most asked for features to our platform. This month, you’ll get an inside look at our newest features as they become live. Your feedback really matters to us. We have made several improvements to our User Experience based on suggestions and feedback from our Partners. Thank you for your efforts and willingness to have an active role.

Now Available In Production

invite participantsDial-Out

While in a meeting, a host can trigger an outbound phone call to bring participants into a meeting. This is especially helpful when a meeting is taking place where someone needs to be urgently reached to contribute to the discussion or if someone is missing from the meeting because they forgot to call in. This can be added to your plans immediately. Contact us to discuss pricing and how you can bundle this for your users.



custom greetingCustom Audio Greetings

You may now request to have us include a Custom Greeting Add-On to your plans. If your users subscribe to the add-on, they will be automatically redirected to the request dial-in number and greeting page, and you will be able to set up their customer number and greeting. Book a meeting with me to learn more.

If you’d like to learn more about these features contact us.
Or book a meeting.

Feature Highlight Of The Month

Preferred Recording and Streaming Layout
Users can now select how they’d like their recordings to be formatted.

How it works:
In Advance: Users can set their preferred record layout in advance by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Recording & Live Streaming’ in their online portal.
In Real-Time: It can also be changed during a live meeting that is being recorded and/or streamed by going to ‘More’ > ‘Change Recording Layout’. This will change only the Recording/Livestream view during that particular meeting. The default recording layout for future meetings will not change.

Coming Soon

Enterprise Team Messaging
channels creationWe will be making it easier for teams and groups to stay in touch and be able to get instant access to one another with iotum Teams Messaging. Meet, communicate and collaborate using Team Messaging, a centralized digital space. Book a meeting with us to discuss how this can be incorporated into your plans.

Learn More>>

iotum Team Member Highlight

katyaMeet iotum’s QA Lead, Katya.
You may have never encountered Katya Ribeiro in a meeting before, but she has surely been involved in testing and improving your platform. Katya is our QA lead, and if there is a bug to be found, she will find it.

Katya has over 10 years of experience working as a QA Analyst. She has worked with teams in Brazil, Australia, and Canada. She loves a challenge (which we think definitely helps her excel at her job). Fun fact, she is a certified, professional cook and loves cooking for her family and friends!

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