Here’s Why You Should Add Video Conferencing To Your Website

Side view of gesticulating hands in front of an opened laptop using video chat to communicate with a woman onscreen also using hands to express an ideaIf you want to stay relevant and create outstanding and memorable customer experiences, now is the time to integrate video conferencing into your website.

When you think of a brand, usually what comes to mind is a logo, branding colors, a specific font, and tone of voice. While that’s all necessary and true, a brand stands for more than what meets the eye. In fact, these days, a brand is responsible for the whole consumer experience, from awareness, through consideration, to purchase, retention, advocacy and beyond. Making a brand exciting for customers means it not only has to look good, but it also needs to work beautifully too.

It’s the customer experience from beginning to end that works hard to make your brand stand out.

So you want to build a better customer experience that isn’t static or easily passed over? In today’s digital-centric world, it’s all about making the customer’s life easier. For a powerful and seamless customer experience that does exactly just that, embed video conferencing into your website.

Why embed video conferencing?

This is an opportunity to add video conferencing to your website, product, or app for better participation, interaction, and more dynamic connections. Plus, customers never have to leave the page, therefore lessening the chance of drop-offs, missed connections, and lost sales.

Consider how useful embedding video conferencing in a website is for:

  • mother and baby have a video callOnline Education Platforms
    Provide applicants with 1:1 interviews, instant communication between educators and staff, or live seminars and practicums for students.
  • Additional Training For Employees
    Create a bank of videos or live seminars and training experiences for employees to view or attend. Also, consider using the same embeddable video conference technology for hybrid meetings.
  • Telehealth Video Appointments And Diagnostics
    Bring qualifying patients online for specific appointments, check-ups, and follow-ups.
  • Virtual Events, Presentations And Seminars
    Host large, international events and summits with performances, guest speakers, and interactive workshops and activities.
  • Internal Product Demos And Consultations
    Demonstrate how a product works or host a launch of a product in a digital space.
  • Customer Service And Support
    Field questions and provide detailed customer care via video conference or chat embedded on your website.

And so much more!

Here are three reasons why adding video conferencing to your website is worth it in the long run:

1. Get Up And Running Fast

Embedded video used for video conference apps means you don’t have to allocate all your resources to building something from scratch. Instead, you can save months of time and high costs by simply “plugging in and playing” the video conference API. You can be set up and running in no time. Avoid doing it yourself. Instead, embed video conferencing without having to start from the ground up. There’s no need to have a dedicated team when the embeddable video conference solution seamlessly fits into the app you already have.

2. Make Even More Personal Connections With Users And Customers

Especially in the industry of customer service, customers and clients actually prefer speaking to a human rather than punching in keys. Plus, video conferences are far more engaging (you can chalk that up to audiovisual cues, nuance, and body language) so conferences and calls become more rewarding and ripe with opportunities for connection, sales, and follow-ups.

3. Provide A Frictionless Online Experience

Embed video calls into your website for instant functionality with the click of a mouse. Customers never have to leave your page to get to another page or video conferencing window which means more eyeballs and impressions where you want them.

Plus, this creates a completely consistent journey across touchpoints, not only enhancing the user experience but also shining a light on your brand.

More than half of all Internet traffic is shopping from a mobile device. That’s right, straight out of the palm of your customer’s hand and onto your webpage. If your website isn’t primed for mobile viewing, then you’re potentially missing out on a huge chunk of business. Even if you’re not selling a product or service, adding video conferencing to your website should be able to handle a staff meeting, customer chat, a student portal, or a company-wide online meeting.

Woman in kitchen video chatting with man on smartphone in her left hand, and using right hand to communicate and express emotionOnce you’ve decided to integrate live video conferences into your website, product, or app, the rest is simple. Embeddable video call solution simplifies video and audio integration across borders, businesses, apps, and platforms. Your offering becomes augmented with a cloud-based solution via out-of-the-box APIs and SDKs to make every digital point of contact more sticky.

With iotum’s embeddable video conference solution accessible straight from your website, superior customer experiences that support your branding and make your brand the one people want to work with are far more available and easier to create than ever before. You take care of your customers while iotum sorts out the rest.

Let iotum provide your brand with the far-reaching and high-achieving technology that’s shaping the way brands and businesses are attracting and winning clients. Furthermore, embeddable video conferencing appeals to many industries that are only gaining in growth like education, healthcare, gaming and so much more. Save time and money with iotum’s all-in-one solution ready to perform when you are.

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