Here’s How EX Is Shaping Shared Experiences And Creating A New Reality

headset remote serviceUse live video streaming for a “shared experience” focused solution that heightens engagement in Extended Reality.

Whether as a by-product of the pandemic or because of the continually expanding nature of technology, Extended Reality (EX) has matured far from where it once started. It’s become increasingly clear that there is a demand for heightened shared experiences within virtual realities. Immersive technologies and real-time virtual experiences are not only changing how we interact with each other, but it’s also shaping the way businesses grow, and how employees learn and get trained.

Extended reality is an umbrella term that covers the mention of all immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

Virtual reality: Users are fully immersed in a completely artificial and virtual environment
Augmented reality: Users interact with virtual objects atop a real-world environment or the real world becomes enhanced with digital objects.
Mixed reality: Users interact with both virtual and real-world elements.

When multiple devices are being used by multiple users who are viewing and interacting with the same experience, either in the same space or remotely, that is a shared experience. With the use of this technology including live video streaming, users can view and interact (share) the same online content at the same time while viewing the updates in real time.

In a collaborative online environment, a shared experience via video can be monumental. Consider widely dispersed teams or industries such as real estate, remote field support, and education that can greatly benefit from EX technology. High-quality live video streaming offers better engagement that provides users with the opportunity to connect, interact, view, and play via live streaming now or recording to watch later for virtual experiences that replicate in-person experiences.

Take, for example, remote field support. For technicians, field service workers, and manufacturing/engineering teams, EX allows all individuals to stay in touch and keep up with evolving processes that are constantly being updated, amended, and improved upon. EX technology has the capacity to streamline data for the faster transmission of status updates, approvals, deadline changes, and immediate feedback from remote correspondents and onsite workers. Plus, user-friendly technology not only assists in transferring knowledge; digital information in the real world means a solution can overlay virtual tutorials onto equipment to provide technicians with quick and visual demonstrations.

Truly effective training starts with EX – for any field. As a “shared experience” focused technology, EX that uses live streaming video creates a partially immersive video experience. Make participants, near or far, feel like they’re part of a 3D model or 360-degree rendering by broadcasting your assets online or walking through a presentation or webinar in real time. This shared experience can be accessed via multiple devices but only held in one space.

Furthermore, EX scenes and experiences save time and money in the long run. Offering a preview, presentation, pitching to a client, or hosting training online via live streaming to YouTube, publicly or privately, blasts open your reach. Plus, you can monitor and analyze your findings to pull out live updates, diagnostics, and alerts. Track user engagement to fully understand your target audience, prospects, clients, or trainees with metrics that capture the data you need to stay updated and ahead of the curve.

With extended realities as our new reality, immersive technologies and live video streaming will continue to shape our shared, co-created experiences. Unlike ever before, live video streaming combines the best of both worlds for augmented reality and shared experience solutions that are truly empowering workflows and enhancing engagement.

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