Customer Feedback Is Critical – Here’s How To Encourage It With Free Conference Calling

When your small business is making headway, the last thing you want to worry about is customers making complaints. This isn’t the fun and glamorous side of launching your online shop or e-commerce idea, but it is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur, and every entrepreneur knows that there’s no success without a few growing pains. Plus, it adds to the excitement of being your own boss – there are so many teachable lessons on an entrepreneurial journey.

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Receiving negative feedback is one of them, but with the right tools, it can lead to results. Implementing free conference calling to address customer complaints helps ensure a seamless transaction that allows you to feel supported while offering your customers support. After all, it’s how you learn, and customer feedback is a gold mine of information. No bias. No surveys, no hidden agenda. Just an unadulterated interaction with someone who has experience with your product or service.

This is a huge opportunity to get an inside look at how your business is resonating with your target customer. Here’s how setting up free conference calling with customers to better address complaints will improve business operations and retain customers in the long run.

A Chance For Redemption

Setting up a free conferencing calling number for customers to reach you, gives both parties a faster response time. The lines of communication are open for scheduling a call in advance or for starting one on demand. Maybe their concern is small, perhaps it’s a huge oversight you and your team didn’t see. Either way, when a customer feels that their problem is being addressed, as the company, you can turn their disappointment around. Free conference calling is an effective way to bridge the gap.

Encourages Openness

With free conference calling, you’re providing direct customer service support that is accessible – it’s easy to use and it’s available from any corner of the world. Plus, it’s free and it can be a conference call or video call. When you’re creating a company from the bottom up, these beginning stages are critical and offer you the luxury of being able to communicate one on one. Don’t underestimate the power of personally reaching out to a customer when something has gone wrong – they’ll remember you and thank you for it.

Put On Your Customer’s Shoes

Typically, a customer gets aggravated when their initial request isn’t taken care of and there’s little to no movement towards a solution. By setting up free conference calling, their needs can be addressed quickly and accurately. Does a customer have a problem with her shipment? With a dedicated dial-in number, she can have all her questions answered with unlimited free conference calls until the problem is solved.

Handle Emotions Rationally

Did you handle a tough situation that went exceptionally well? Free conferencing calling comes with a recording feature. Remember, this call might be hard for the customer to make and if the interaction goes less than stellar (they could become angry or aggressive), being prepared to address their problem with respect and reason will make your company look even more professional. Recording a free conference call means you can go back and listen to how you handled a particular call. You can replay it to see how you can do better next time or use it as a teaching tool when training other employees.

Use Complaints To Build a Better Business

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Whatever the outcome of your exchange with a customer, free conference calling gives customers a direct line to your company. If there was a complaint that required a more in-depth investigation, the Invitations and Reminders feature works well in a follow-up scenario. Setting the schedule for a free conference call follow-up at a later date with a small detailed account of the complaint attached to the calendar or in the address book, allows you to keep in touch and on track with the customer. Checking in to see if their complaint has been addressed makes them feel valued and looked after, and keeps you ahead of the curve.

With free conference calling as a way for customers to reach out to you with their feedback, your small business has the potential to go from good to excellent. Ignoring complaints and not being able to empathize doesn’t give customers the sense of trust they’re looking for. By handling customer care with accessibility and immediacy using reliable communication tools, like free conference calling, you can be on your way to exponential growth. is the free conference call service that will make customers feel supported from start to finish. Hosting conference calls and meetings with easy-to-use technology encourages a healthy relationship between business and customer. Enjoy features like international dial-in numbers available on any device that connects you to anyone anywhere – for free!