5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs To Take Security Seriously And The 1 Way You Can Start Now

There are so many things to consider when your startup is raring to go. Unfortunately, that’s when cybersecurity tends to fall to the wayside. Other more seemingly pressing matters such as designing a website, new business development, hiring the right talent, etc. take centre stage. This is where making the mistake of not setting up online security can compromise your IT infrastructure in the future. Protect your business by providing private video conferencing for meetings and calls when discussing valuable ideas, and having conversations about intellectual property and insider information.

When sharing sensitive info, private video conferencing offers peace of mind. Security breaches can cost you a chunk of the market share, making existing and potential customers and clients wary of trusting your company with their valuable information. Proper security practices are a must if you want to safeguard your information and your reputation. And if that doesn’t already prove to you how imperative it is to mitigate any potential security fails, here are 5 more reasons why your startup needs to buckle down on security.

The Treasure Trove Of Delicate Information
Specifically, if your startup is innovative and has unique processes that affect an untouched or burgeoning market, for example, this intel is extra appealing for hackers. By hosting a private video conference that’s encrypted and comes with a host of other safety features, the chance of your data being exploited reduced. Furthermore, your company surely has a bundle of customer information including names, addresses, credit card info, etc., why risk it?



Hackers Don’t Rest
Invaders are always looking for weak spots. Private video conferencing comes with cutting-edge virtual security measures like 128-bit encryption and granular privacy controls so your meetings aren’t left exposed and without protection. Consider how hackers are always looking for an entry point through your website, network, and server as well.

Mobile Apps Open The Floodgates
With the advent of apps, plenty of startups and small businesses are reaping the benefits of being at the fingertips of their clients. Engaging in online and e-commerce has been extremely beneficial. After all, who doesn’t want to easily connect from anywhere at any time? But once users step outside into public wifi, without the safety shield of a VPN, the opens the door for more insidious cyberattacks. Private video conferencing via an encrypted app fortifies privacy without sacrificing exceptional audio and visual connection – while still ensuring impeccable accessibility!

Cloud Services Are A Motherload Of Data
The centralization of info that includes documents, photos, files and more, has added a whole other layer of efficiency and collaboration. Plus, it’s affordable, offers unparalleled utility and can also be a haven for hackers. While engaged in a private video conference, it’s easy to swap, upload and work on the same document. By utilizing the security features offered, like Meeting Lock while video conferencing, unwanted participants are locked out, prompting a screen that requires additional joiners to seek permission before they too can join. This helps to protect the transfer of information from the cloud to the users, making a private video conference, exactly that – private.

Weak Password Policy Enforcement

With a private video conference, a One-Time Access Code leaves no opportunity for hackers to take over. Did you know that employee negligence is the main cause of a security breach? Believe it or not, a large portion of cyber attacks are a result of loose password management. It affects employees who share passwords, use their name or just use the word “password” as their password. Even “123456789” is still commonly used! For your next private video conference, you can rest assured knowing that each call is unique and private with a one-time access code, validated for the duration of a specified, scheduled conference call. For an additional layer of security, a private video conference comes with a security code. Discussions are protected with a layer of access permission when entering a conference.

Taking the proper measures to ensure that your IT infrastructure is solid and impenetrable will determine how smoothly the operations of your small (to mid-size) business runs. While there are multiple moving parts involved, at least with your 2-way group communication software, your peace of mind is guaranteed.


With private video conferencing, Callbridge’s world-class security technology is enforced with Meeting Lock, Security Code and One-Time Access Code features that protect your business. Communication and collaboration can be done simply and securely without thinking twice about your data being compromised.

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