Add A Personal Touch To The Way You Run Your Small Business

conference call app

As a small business owner, networking is everything. Establishing bonds and making connections, while talking to everyone from suppliers to vendors to customers and their families! The insights and nuggets of information acquired from the people who are supporting your business are very valuable. And it’s up to you to position your budding brand (and ultimately, yourself!) as capable, desirable and ready to offer a quality product or service. Building a rapport with everyone leaves an impression that is as important now as it is down the line.

This is where using free conference calls and the free conference call app can work to build stronger relationships with everyone you communicate with. Free conference calls make 2-way communication easier, making your business appear more approachable, accessible and friendly. The ability to communicate by call or by video for free and with high-quality audio and video sends the message of professionalism and makes your small business look appealing. Here’s how free conference calling gives your business that personal touch:


New business development involves a little wooing. Use the free conference call app to personally reach out to a new customer and thank them for choosing your company. Until you become too large to keep up with onboarding, a small gesture like this is enough to leave a lasting impression that will make them want to connect with you again. Similarly, when hiring new employees, a quick discovery call using the free conference call app for audio or video can position you as being a thoughtful and down to earth employer.


Working with another person or a group requires showing vulnerability, like opening yourself up to delegate work, surrender trust and voice ideas and opinions on a project or sale. Working in tandem works better with free conference calls and the free conference call mobile app. You can hold high-quality audio conference calls with up to 400 callers (for FREE!); schedule meetings; start a free conference call immediately; set up recurring conference calls with a few clicks and get access to international dial-in numbers. Need to have an emergency brainstorming meeting with your donation campaign committee after everyone has left the office for the night? Forgo the email thread, and set up a quick and easy, free conference call for the first thing in the morning using the app.


How many times has an email you sent been understood the wrong way? Or write a message in a chat box that was sent to the wrong person, and discovered hours later? Free conferencing calling with video calling eliminates any chance of being misunderstood. The ability to hear tone and cadence, see facial reactions and read body language dispels any hidden meaning. Plus, you don’t have to go back and forth trying to read between the lines. Trust is built through time spent face to face.


Free conference calling using the free conference call app means you can connect with the exact person for the job. Reaching out to the best specialist, like a graphic designer who can deliver the specific visual treatment you want is easy when you can contact them directly, and set up a free conference call to learn more.


If you have a customer complaint, a free conference call could be exactly what you need to get back on their good side! For someone who may have a problem or concern with your product, a conference call or video conference call can make a customer feel heard. This is an opportunity to learn from their feedback, and do some damage control so you can retain them longer.


With free conference calling and video calling plus the free conference call app, hosting more regular meetings to discuss less urgent team building matters can happen more often. Setting bi-weekly or monthly catch-ups to align on personal and company goals; to ensure team members are still chipping away at the company’s vision; to instill the company’s manifesto and mission statement in everything each employee does – this can be done with a free conference call either on a desktop or with the app. Everyone can see each other’s faces and chime in about company morale. Maybe even plan a company outing to bring everyone together?

The secret ingredient behind any success is maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. Nurturing all the relationships that come alongside running your own enterprise can be made even stronger when using free conference calling and the free conference call app. has the Time Zone Scheduler, Free Connection Test, an Online Meeting Room and Moderator Controls to get you started. Plus all the additional add ons to make your calls go smoothly.