How Your Business’ Success Lies In The Simplicity Of Communication

The one human truth we can all relate to, in and out of the office, is the desire to understand and be understood. Contracts, meetings, emails; you’re only as good as your word. After all, what else is there to rely on? Consider how crucial it is to maintain clear lines of communication between departments of a company; to ensure deadlines are met, tasks are completed and the working environment is empowered. Making sure the way in which everyone opens up a discussion is crystal clear, targeted and accessible, getting the project done can all be so simple! And it really is simple.

This is where online meetings can make business discussions much more streamlined. It’s a total game-changer in how team members can effectively collaborate and cooperate. Save your team the headache of long email chains, briefings that take too long and notes that have to be written by hand. By taking these or any meetings online, team members can expect a fully integrated experience that is more engaging and interactive.

Online meeting success

But how quickly can an online meeting be initiated? What good is hosting a meeting online if it’s too complicated to set up? Good news: it’s simple.

First of all, there’s no software to download to hold your online meeting. That’s already time and resources saved. Browser-based web conferencing allows for smooth connection with zero downloads, delays or complicated set-up. Anyone can join by dialing in the toll-free number on a smartphone or clicking on the button provided in an email on a laptop or desktop. Furthermore, to avoid any potential connection problems, there’s a short diagnostics test you can run to make sure your speakers and microphone are working.

Additionally, attending an online meeting can be done through your smartphone or mobile device. With the click of an application, your handheld device can be transformed into a virtual meeting platform, from wherever you are, still with the all the same features and security as a desktop. Everything is accessible from the palm of your hand with a couple of swipes!

Meeting Notes

Let’s take it to the extreme for a moment. In the event that a last minute emergency meeting needs to held, taking it online is your best course of action to break the news and disseminate sensitive information promptly and professionally. For example, if there was a major disaster, like a fire that caused enough damage that employees needed to be relocated and work elsewhere temporarily or perhaps there was a sudden downturn in the economy that prompted an unexpected financial loss; these are situations that would require the immediate gathering of the necessary people as quickly as possible. In an emergency, keeping it simple is best!

On a day-to-day basis, when a meeting is held to communicate between upper management, for example, a virtual sync can be far more of a time-saver than having to actually meet in person. Senior management only has so much time in the day to ensure everything is on track, including the teams they oversee. If the meeting can be taken online, set up takes only moments and a few clicks. For example, as the moderator, you would log in to your account and hit Log In. From there, you would hit Start, then choose to join via the Internet. If you’re joining an online meeting for the first time, you’ll get a request to ask you for permission: hit Allow to allow access to your microphone. As the first caller, you’ll hear hold music, just like calling via phone. As other people join, you’ll see their tile appear with their name. If they’re joining via phone, you’ll see the beginning of their phone number. When the hold music stops playing, that’s how you know the meeting started. Can it get any simpler? Or quicker?


The success of your business lies in the art of keeping things simple while striving for clear communication. Callbridge’s intuitively designed 2-way group communications platform offers your business high-end and easy-to-use technology that facilitates meetings quickly.

With no software to download, instant availability on your mobile phone, plus crisp audio and HD video, you can feel confident knowing you can pull off a professional-looking meeting on-the-fly!

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