How Online Meetings Can Engage Students And Educators To Be Here Now

Lecture Education

In the field of education, running an online school or facilitating a study group can sometimes feel like herding sheep! There is a lot to take into account. For students, it’s providing a virtual space for them to connect and collaborate. For teachers, it’s recording lectures and for administration, it’s connecting face-to-face with colleagues and recruits from home without breaking the bank on expensive software.

Between students, professors and administrators, there are a lot of costs, schedules and course content to consider. A free conference call and video conferencing might just be the exact approach you need to get everyone present and engaged. This is how your next meeting can be made more hard-hitting, effective and most importantly, fully attended by hosting a free conference call (or free video call):

They Don’t Cost An Arm And A Leg

Without the option for real-time communication and support, education and demonstrations become pretty one dimensional. By incorporating a 2-way communication platform, your online course or school has the means to provide a constructive feedback loop. However, with a lot of back and forth comes additional expenses. Online courses bring in international participants, therefore, calling and connecting overseas happens regularly. Using a landline will definitely incur long-distance charges, and while it might be expensive for you, it could be off-putting for potential students too.

Avoid all of the additional expenses and headaches with a free conference call that uses a dedicated dial-in number and access code to cut down costs. With a meeting capacity of up to 400 audio callers in an online meeting room, you can connect long distance with no fees, no surcharges and no time limits – on demand.

Highlight The Value Of The Call Content By Setting An Agenda

When preparing and marketing your material to host online, emphasizing the importance of the free conference calls included in your program can make or break attendance. Explaining what part of the curriculum will be covered ahead of time, and detailing the benefits of attending the free conference call reassures participants that they are getting the most out of their time and money spent. Attention is the new currency, and with only so much mental bandwidth to work with, creating an itinerary that outlines topics and points of discussion is a nice-to-have.

Knowing what to expect on the free conference and video calls can encourage advanced sign-ups, better attendance, and preparation for the course content. Make it even easier by providing a mobile-friendly sign-up form that has all the dial-in information ready, and take it another step further by using the invitation and reminders feature so everything is automated!

Establishes Trust And Credibility

With a free conference call or video call, your masterclass becomes easier and more accessible to attend, therefore adding to its desirability. Think of how many more people can attend a lecture from an esteemed guest speaker when you take it online via a video conference call. By adding the speaker’s credentials to the invitation, you’re showing that you’re able to draw in the kind of talent people want more of. Not only does a free conference call make you look professional and polished, it automatically elevates your institution’s prestige. It becomes appealing to students who want to learn and draws in the professionals who want to teach.

Plus, it’s easy for both participants and educators to join the free conference call. With the toll-free dial-in number, no one has to worry about charges. Your business looks professional and there are multiple features to use that empower communication, like video conferencing, screen sharing, call scheduling with automated invitations and reminders, call summaries, and much more.

Call Time Flexibility

Setting up a free conference call will happen at the time and place where the majority of participants can attend. There are always a few outliers who can’t make it, but you can still make sure they get a recording. A huge advantage of a professional free conference call service is the ability to record now and listen later. You can record audio for free! This way, even if participants can’t make it, they can relive the magic on their own schedule. Sending out replay instructions gives participants who didn’t attend (and those that did) a link to watch it for the first time or tune in to their favorite parts all over again.

As an educator, it’s your job to communicate ideas and concepts in easily digestible ways for students to learn and grow. Let do the logistical heavy lifting by offering a free communication platform that facilitates an engaging learning environment.

With free features, zero long distance costs, and video and screen sharing for free from anywhere in the world, your students will show up eager and ready to learn.