How Online Meetings Make Solopreneurs Look Extra Professional

When you’re running your own business you know how much heavy lifting goes on behind the scenes. A one-person operation might be scary, but there are so many ways it can go right, granted you put in the time, effort, and resources needed to see your baby take flight!

Solopreneur Meeting

One way to get the job done is to recognize the power of clear and effective communication by hosting online meetings. As the solopreneur jack (or jill) of all trades that you are and have to be, one aspect of your business that needs care and attention is communications.

Most likely, you rely on technology for a lot of your day-to-day needs. If you’re a life coach, virtual assistant, a public speaker, a business consultant or pursuing any other solo endeavor, putting your best face forward is important when gaining and retaining clients. Using good quality, easy-to-use conference and video call software to hold online meetings anywhere is what will make you look polished and professional when you’re selling yourself (and save you a little money while you’re at it too). Here’s how hosting an online meeting makes you look like a boss:

The Luxury Of Preparation

An online meeting gives you the home court advantage. You can have a script prepared and at your side for quick review. You are granted the psychological edge you need to feel relaxed and at ease in order to flawlessly deliver the pitch you’ve been working on for weeks or nail the breakthrough group therapy session you’re hosting. All your visuals and prompts can be loaded beforehand, ready to fire off at a moment’s notice!

Have an Agenda

Since you can prepare at your own leisure, heighten the impact of your online meeting by sending out what’s on the agenda in advance. Whether with online meeting tools or via email, setting up time slots for each topic of discussion with some buffer time in between makes you look well-organized and respectful of others’ time. Time is valuable, so when your clients or potential clients know what to expect, they can prepare their questions and comments ahead of time too.

More Time For Details

Conducting business via an online meeting affords you the extra time of fine-tuning your environment and how you present yourself. Setting up at home or wherever you are, at your own comfort and discretion enables you to show as much or as little of your surroundings as you need to. You can adjust your own lighting, and work out the angles that make you look your best. Pro tip: e be sure to leave a note on the door informing anyone nearby that you’re “on air and in a meeting.”

There’s A Feature For That

Hosting an online meeting means you get a small arsenal of tools to help you be more powerful in your communication. These features are here to help you shine, and make you look like the top tier solopreneur you are. Wow your clients with how technologically savvy you are by taking advantage of the Screen Sharing, Whiteboard, and Smart Meeting Summaries features. And that’s only the beginning!

Feel In Control

Consider all the time spent commuting, having to get to Point A from Point B dealing with traffic, parking and any other unforeseen circumstances. This can be stressful! No one likes walking into a meeting feeling frazzled and out of sorts. You need to be on your A game, not trying to remember if you paid for parking or worried you left something in the car. Online meetings offer a time-saving (and eco-friendly!) alternative where you don’t have to drive, catch a bus, jump on an Uber or basically move anywhere from where you are, as long as you have wifi.

Stay Connected To Last Minute Changes

When your work schedule gets hectic, you can rely on your online meeting software to remind you about an upcoming appointment. Never worry about missing one when all you have to do is enter participant’s addresses and the automatic invitations and reminders feature does all the hard work for you by connecting straight to your address book! You don’t have to worry about rejigging everyone’s time (yours included) when you have to reserve or push a sync. You won’t leave anyone out or miss an important date which makes you look like you’re on top of things (which of course, you totally are!)

Let FreeConference be the group communications software you need to make your solopreneur business have that extra edge. It’s free and makes you look good!

With all the free features plus the capability to host conference calls and online meetings with easy-to-use video and screen sharing from anywhere on the planet absolutely free, why wouldn’t you try it out here and see for yourself?