Uplevel Your EMR Offering With Appointment Management

Business casual woman seated and working on laptop at a table with mouse and iPhone at table in a computer labWhen it comes to providing your medical, or dental practice, clinic, or hospital clients the best chance of success, consider how appointment scheduling affects the overall growth and relevance of communication.

In order to uplevel workflows, maximize ROI, and cut costs, hospitals and healthcare workers need to be provided with exceptional software to assist patient care. Without an efficient scheduling and appointment management process, delivering high-quality healthcare just isn’t possible. Appointment outreach and scheduling don’t have to cause a headache either. In fact, it can be pain-free with the right software that takes out the guesswork for anyone who uses it.

If clients are looking to reduce no-shows, improve absenteeism, promote flexibility and centralize records, data, and information between healthcare practitioners and patients, look no further than bringing on an Appointment Management API into the fold of what you offer.

For most practices, clinics, and hospitals, missed appointments are just part of doing business, but what if it doesn’t have to be? Appointment Management offers the following features to help reduce cancellations and no-shows while maximizing time and opportunities for more appointments:


When practice information, patient details, inventory, and more, are unified, the thread of communication becomes easily accessible and managed. Software that is intuitive and intelligently designed empowers quick access and split-second decision-making.

Furthermore, with features such as email, calendar, SMS invitations, and reminders, it becomes straightforward to make and cancel appointments, as well as improve overall communication and attendance.


Give hospitals, clinics, and practices the instantaneous power to book, cancel, and reschedule appointments with just a few clicks. With centralized information that gets updated instantly, it becomes easy to keep everyone on the same page. Plus, there’s the option for patients to book online themselves, further simplifying the process and making it more accessible for both sides.

Patient Communication

Appointment Management promotes deeper engagement between patients and healthcare practitioners using two-way communication that enables audio and or video. This is an opportunity for hospitals, clinics, and practices to gain valuable feedback. Furthermore, the lines of communication are kept wide open with updates, follow-up instructions, and pre and post-op care info.


View of doctor in a lab coat with stethoscope, seated and typing on a laptopEverything becomes easier with automation. Customizable invitations and reminders ensure patients are in the know about their upcoming appointments. Doctors and staff can stay on top of any changes to their roster as well as their own schedules.

Appointment reminders, schedule changes, and modifications are at “top of mind awareness” when the changes are automated and brought straight into the palm of the hand on mobile or are available at the tips of the fingers of both doctors and patients on desktop, laptop, and tablet.

Benefits Of Using Appointment Management

Appointment Management is an already-designed API that simply “plugs and plays,” so it becomes extra simple to cut through the noise while saving time and cutting costs. Plus, there’s no need to allocate resources to develop code and build software – it’s all done already. This is the future of telehealth.

Improve Your Client’s Cycle Of Care From Start To Finish

When the cycle of care starts before a patient even steps foot into the office, hospitals and clinics need to set the stage before meeting in person. Add Appointment Management software that provides an enjoyable experience, manages expectations, and allows for multiple ways to interact across channels: messaging, screen sharing, document and file sharing, and more.

Provide Agency To Both Patients And Doctors

Via a browser-based system, patients are given full control of the booking process. They can set up and choose when to meet and if they need to cancel. For doctors and staff, appointment scheduling software provides additional data and insight into the preferences of patients to help strengthen patient relations.

Encourage More Appointments = Better ROI And Conversions

Since hospitals and clinics have moved to a hybrid or mostly online model, patients want to have more human interactions. Empower attentiveness and responsiveness, the two key factors for building trust and increasing consults, with an added API that creates a pleasant online experience to encourage ease and flow while booking appointments with fewer no-shows.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Business casual woman seated and working on laptop at a table with mouse and iPhone at table in a computer lab

With Appointment Management, patients in rural locations or who can’t show up in person don’t have to be left out when they can be reached virtually. Plus, managing several locations and multiple employees across time zones regardless of time or place, becomes so much more possible with the right software addition. When manually scheduling appointments becomes automated, workflows and operations become exponentially more scalable and frictionless.

Instill Deeper Patient Relations

Technology that enhances the booking experience and overall cycle of care work to pull out deeper insights, patterns, and trends to better determine how patients are booking and receiving care. Keep clinics and hospitals ahead of the curve when they can get meetings, sessions and appointments transcribed and summarized.

Enhance How Responses Are Sent And Received

Offer Appointment Management as the baseline platform that keeps all users – both doctors and patients – in the same online space where they can send and receive messages, updates, changes, and follow-ups using the software.

With an Appointment Management scheduling system, time and effort are maximized by simplifying tasks, streamlining workflows, and improving efficiencies. The software works to automate practice management and scheduling with a real-time integration that doesn’t need to migrate data. Instead, data is integrated for easy, up-to-date access that brings together email, calendar, SMS invitations, and reminders all in one API.

Iotum EMR blog post on appointment managementFurthermore, having schedules available online allows practitioners and staff to manage details remotely via mobile from anywhere at any time. This is where managing the quality of care becomes drastically improved which means fewer no-shows and more money saved for your clients.

Let iotum optimize your offering with Appointment Management API, where you can streamline data and tasks, automate commands, and maximize your ROI and output. Appointment Management and scheduling integration allow for a heightened cycle of care and can significantly impact the success of the practices you sell to. Learn more here.

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