Just Like Real-Life Healthcare

If you’re in need of a HIPAA compliant service, we offer an out-of-the-box healthcare solution that you can rely on. Secure and private audio and video conferencing, private chat, annotation, recording, and transcription are just some of the tools you can quickly and confidently implement into your existing platform.

Iotum’s video and voice API integration for healthcare

Security Feature

Keep patient information, records, and files safeguarded with encryption and other high-end features:

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Use Meeting Lock and Meeting Room to ban unwanted participants from intervening
  • Add a Security Code when discussing highly sensitive information
  • Put on another layer of security using the One-time Access Code

Human-Centric Video And Voice Integration

Prioritize patient privacy and comfort by bringing in live video and voice to your already-existing workflows, services, and mobile applications for smoother patient-doctor communication.

Immediate Notifications

Stay in the know with instant messaging. Receive SMS Text Notifications sent straight to your device regarding upcoming appointments, and use SMS Text Invites to reach out instantly.

Customizable Interface

Showcase your branding throughout the online patient journey for easy-to-follow navigation that’s recognizable and instills trust and credibility.

Straightforward For Patients

Attend to patients in the comfort of their own home. Iotum gives patients a seamless access point to the professionals they need when they need it, regardless of location or distance.

  • Join easily with zero-download, browser-based technology 
  • Use any device for e-visits, consultations, follow-ups, etc.
  • Connect anytime, from anywhere

Manageable For Providers

Caregivers can rely on the tools they already use to meet patients without overhauling current processes. Iotum dovetails with existing technologies to integrate and customize for an optimal fit.

  • Coordinate meetings and schedules with the platforms already in use
  • Compatible with Slack, Google Calendar, and email
  • Meets regulations and supports HIPAA compliance

Appointment Transcriptions

Our transcription tool saves you time by keeping up-to-date notes on your past appointments and provides a record that can easily and securely be integrated into your existing EHR software.

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Iotum’s video-first API integration for healthcare:

  • Eliminates commuting and opens up boundaries
  • Allows for e-visits and medical consultations online
  • Provides a virtual space for real-time therapy, consultation, and support
  • Keeps physicians looped in with their patients and each other
  • Brings wellness professionals onto customers’ screens via live video
  • Links hospitals for immediate transfers and referrals

Product Leader Recognition

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How Video Is Impacting Healthcare at the Speed of Technology

Telehealth video software has been able to blow open how healthcare is provided and received. This whitepaper is right for you if you’re interested in the future of healthcare and how integrating voice and video into your tech stack can help pave the way for tomorrow.

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