What Is Online Project Management?

View of 1-1 conversation between woman talking with open laptop and gesticulating, and man listening intently in communal work spaceManaging a project online requires a variety of digital tools to help lift your project off the ground. Whether you’re using online project management software, a video conferencing platform or both, you can keep better track of everything from conception to delivery using digital tools that streamline communication.

Let’s take a look at how a video conferencing platform enhances the quality of online project management.

What is it?

Online project management depends on digital tools that support all phases of a project’s life line: Initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing. Project managers lead scheduling, allocation of resources, budget, quality and oversee communication – which makes video conferencing a valuable asset to the progress of the project.

Online project management software makes tasks, projects and teamwork more visible and tangible, while video conferencing is the digital tool that creates the virtual collaborative spaces to tick off those boxes.

With a video conferencing platform in place, a project manager can stay in contact and reach out to communicate effectively with individuals and teams. When project management is effective, projects can grow and unfold at a faster rate. As a result, work becomes expedited as teams can easily meet, share and collaborate without friction.

Improvements on projects, faster transmission of information, and critical updates are all a result of heightened communication and better project management through a video conferencing platform.

How is it beneficial?

Smiling happy woman seated at desk interacting on digital pad while talking on laptop at homeUsing video conferencing as a tool to drive your project ensures you stay on-time, in-scope and within budget.

  • On-time: Align more quickly with decision-makers, suppliers, vendors – anyone who’s involved on the project – when you can set up an online meeting with a few clicks.
  • In-scope: Stay within the predetermined scope of work without having to backtrack or encounter redundancies. If changes to the project’s roll-out occurs, it’s easy to course correct and keep key players informed.
  • Within budget: Save money when you can outsource tasks and not travel or spend on accommodation. Keep detailed information and host status meetings online regularly to discuss finances, forecasting and any foreseeable expenditures.

Who needs it?

Project managers encounter many challenges that can slow down the progress and growth of a project. It’s not uncommon to run into any of the following hiccups:

  • Wasted time in acquiring information, updating schedules, searching for files and documents, and updating teams
  • Unable to quickly disseminate changes to the project and information
  • Too many project managers with a different style and approach
  • Scattered priorities
  • Not enough resources
  • Undefined scope of work
  • Deadlines favored over quality of work
  • Team unable to centralize communication and work channels

Three people working at table, talking and interacting on tablet while drawing out plans on work table in officeBut when one or many of these challenges come up, how can you work to amend or prevent them from happening again? By utilizing video conferencing and its accompanying features, project managers can align what needs to be done with ways to get it done.

With online communication at the heart of realizing any project, use the following video conferencing features to empower your online meeting, briefings, updates, and more:

  • Invitations and Reminders
    Plan your meetings in advance (or on the spot!) and include all the relevant information. Click to set reminders and invite anyone from the Address Book.
  • SMS Notifications
    Remind participants an important meeting is coming up by contacting them directly on their mobile device with the relevant details.
  • Group Call Invites
    Create groups in your Address Book that are already designated so you can just click and get the group up and running.
  • Time Zone Scheduler
    Seamlessly meet online without having to second guess time zones. Simply use the feature to input your city’s time and date and find the perfect time to meet.
  • Document Sharing
    Rather than spending time searching for a specific file or looking through old email threads, you can share important media, links and videos on the spot. All documents are included in call summary emails.
  • Mobile App
    Even if you’re running between office and home, you can stay connected and on time by joining a meeting from anywhere. Use the Android or iOS app from your device to jump on a call on the run!

(alt-tag: Three people working at table, talking and interacting on tablet while drawing out plans on work table in office)

Video conferencing for assisting in managing your projects online offers:

  1. The Opportunity To Connect Face To Face
    Especially if your team is located in different parts of the city, country or world, an email conversation can be misunderstood and details can be overlooked in long text messages and email chains. A quick video chat offers participants another way to stay connected, build rapport and communicate more succinctly especially when body language and facial expressions are visible.
  2. Real-time Connections
    A video chat is the perfect occasion to give and receive instant feedback or send and receive files on the spot. Work can be collaborated on in real-time using the online whiteboard and screen sharing. Getting the task completed doesn’t have to be done alone or in a silo when participants are clearly made aware of deadlines listed in a project management tool or are sent details about an upcoming online meeting via SMS notifications.
  3. Better Use Of Resources
    Project managers will breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can rely on a video conferencing platform that connects not only full-time workers but also freelancers and contract workers. Reach out to specialized talent for one-off projects or put together a specialized team regardless of geography. A more video-centric approach to your communication strategy invites people based on talent instead of proximity. Plus, your project can save resources and time, and keep you on budget.
  4. An Improved Process
    With a focus on video conferencing at the core of your communication strategy, your project has the added benefits of making direct and forward-facing connections to address problems, see bottlenecks and bring people together.

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