What is a Virtual Training Session?

Man sitting at communal desk near window, engaged on laptop, using finger to navigate screen, with another person on laptop in background-minJust because the world has put a halt on how day to day life is carried out, doesn’t mean that learning has to follow the same path. In fact, it’s skyrocketed! You’ve probably heard the words “virtual training session” get thrown around quite a bit. That’s probably because with the advent of a worldwide shift to doing almost everything online, so too has training – all kinds of training!

Read on for a few pro-tips about what, why and how virtual training sessions are shaping the way people of all ages from all places learn, connect and share without limitations.

What Is A Virtual Training Session?

A virtual training session, whether for employees to train and develop in their field further or for professionals looking to transmit their wisdom to their audience, helps bring anyone up to speed in an online setting. In industries that are constantly growing and evolving, companies need their people to be on top of their skill sets and knowledge base.

Focused view of open laptop in an office studio with digital sketch of shoe onscreen and blurred out hand holding a controller in foreground-minIn fact, a virtual training session can work for almost any training you can think of; Even virtual personal training sessions. If you want to lift weights, be a yogi, learn a language, become a chef, onboard new talent into your office or brief your team on updated safety standards – you can do it all! Now more than ever, anyone from anywhere can do it across all sectors for corporate or personal use. Even super niche virtual training sessions have a space to live and breathe. If you can dream it, you can train in it and train others in it.

In-person training can scale up the costs too much between airfare, accommodation and renting conference rooms that can only reach a set amount of people. It’s no wonder organizations are choosing to train virtually using webinars, video calls, live streaming and pre-recorded videos, to name a few.

As a result, virtual training activities can be just as effective and reach a much bigger audience.

Alternatively, it can cater to smaller groups for a more intimate and interactive approach to training. Either way, greater engagement and interaction paves the way for training people effectively and actually retains them from start to finish.

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Seek The Best, Most Reliable Virtual Technology You Can Afford

This is the first step to your success. Running online virtual training sessions depend on how your communication platform is able to support what you’re training and catering to your audience. Investing in reliable technology will provide you with the peace of mind that your training is transmitted and absorbed by learners so they stay interested and engaged.

The quality of the training’s transmission will depend on a few factors that need to be considered before deciding on a platform such as:

  • Is your session for a large group or smaller group?
  • Will your session be mostly live or prerecorded?
  • Can your session be accessed from different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.)?
  • Can users easily access, share and swap files?
  • Do users have access to their instructors? Other participants?

Virtual training tools that come loaded with your online meeting platform to empower your sessions include: online whiteboard, moderator controls, screen sharing and more.

Find Facilitators Who Are Knowledgeable – And Fun

As the main point of reference and the face of your brand, a facilitator who is warm and knows their stuff will make users feel at ease. A facilitator can really add to the quality of your training or take away from it, so choose wisely! Tol make your virtual training session shine look for a facilitator who:

  • Has Good Speaking Skills
  • Is Technologically Savvy
  • Can Type Quickly And With Accuracy
  • Is Able To Multitask
  • Has A Patient Demeanor

It Takes Two Facilitators To Tango

Angled view of man with a focused-looking face sitting at desk working on desktop computer in workshop-minTwo is better than one when managing and pulling off a virtual training session that resonates with trainees. While one facilitator is leading and connecting with the audience, the other is in the background managing the chat, answering questions and generally making sure everything is smooth behind the scenes.

To develop consistency and maintain your brand’s integrity, create a guide for all facilitators to follow. The guide can outline do’s and don’ts, values, FAQs, training goals, and tips.

Keep People Engaged From Beginning To End

Leading up to your virtual training session or webinar, generate more interest that turns leads into sales by:

  • Outlining What Will Be Covered
    Include a few well-written action points in your messaging and direct mail using buzzwords to draw in trainees through emails, videos, newsletters, etc.
  • Including Pre-Session Activities
    Leading up to the virtual event, get in touch with participants via social media, groups and forums.
  • Landing Pages That Are Enticing
    Persuade participants with communication material that has strong branding, imagery and copy that speaks to them and informs them of the features and benefits of your virtual training session.
  • Hosting Q&A Sessions
    Handy for parts of the training that might be difficult to grasp or for sharing personal experiences, this offers trainees a chance to get more up close and personal to the facilitator or leader, or weigh in on their peers’ experience.

Just beware; You don’t want to completely let the cat out of the bag. Outline a few exciting things coming up without fully revealing what’s on the agenda. Be mysterious by withholding some information so trainees can have plenty to look forward to at the event.

Let FreeConference.com provide your virtual training session or course the reliable video conferencing framework to support your teaching and virtual connection to trainees. Feel confident onboarding new hires, upgrading current employees or leading online versions of traditional training courses for a variety of educational purposes. Use virtual training sessions tools like the online whiteboard, screen sharing and moderator controls for the best all-around experience.

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