What are the different styles of podcast?

What podcast style fits you best?

Your podcast. Your style. What fits you best?

You have something to say. You have ideas that need to be shared. You have a voice that needs to be heard. With Talkshoe, you have a way to make that voice be heard. But before you turn on that microphone, you might want to take some time to think about what you want to say, and how you would like that voice to be heard. This is your podcast style. It is a reflection of who you are and what you have to say. Here are six podcast styles that will make your content get heard.……..

#6 – Interview style:

“I let the American people down and I have to carry that burden with me for the rest of my life.”

Said by some dude to world famous interviewer Sir David Frost.

Interview style ….The style has been around since the beginning. Usually with one host calling on a guest to provide the content of the show. It can be a very labour intensive format, finding topics, researching, booking guests, and arranging interviews. It can be a lot of work, but it is also one of the most rewarding. An interview format allows you to speak to experts on your favourite topics and finally get the answers you have always wanted.

Talkshoe style example

our-next giant leap

Our Next Giant Leap
Show ID: 75386
Tune in to “Our Next Giant Leap.” A 15 minute monthly show that airs live the first Tuesday of every month on Talkshoe. It’s a show about our next giant leap in human space exploration

#5 – Solo Style:

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Charles-Guillaume Etienne, he lived during the French revolution and even then he knew you were the best person for the job.

Solo style . …It’s all on you, but that is a good thing. You know what you want to say and now you have a place to say it. You will experience the thrill of opening the mic and just letting it all out. No interrupting co-host. No boring guest. No caller who’s off-topic. It’s all you. You’ve prepared your whole life for this moment. You have years of knowledge that the world needs to hear, now more than ever.

Talkshoe style example


Show ID: 30986
Keeping up with technology is like running in place! Tips for baby boomers and beyond on how to keep up with 21st Century technology–30 minutes of tips to use to make you a little more savvy

#4 – Conversational or Co-host style:

The secret to a great conversation is pretending to listen while waiting for your turn to talk.

Conversational or Co-host style…the equation is simple. Two people + their interest in one topic = a great show. To make it even better, they could be anyone. They can both have the same experiences, likes and dislike about the topic. Or, they can see the topic from vastly different sides, with their own set of beliefs, views and feelings. The only requirement is a mutual interest in the topic.

Talkshoe style example

indoor air quality radio

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Radio
Show ID: 1547
This is the place where the world discusses indoor air quality, the built environment and disaster restoration issues. Every Friday at noon ET the show is live. The shows host are Joe Hughes, President of IAQ Training Institute and Cliff Zlotnik, President of Microban Systems.

#3 – Panel style:

A style perfected on British TV with shows like “8 out of 10 cats,” “Insert Name Here” and “QI”.

All real shows. Seriously.
The panel format….a group of people come together to talk about a subject that they are all passionate about, what could be more fun than that!?! The greatest thing about this style is that there will be no shortage of content. Each person will bring their own stories, their own ideas and their own opinion to the show. The hard part will be keeping it all under control, but then again that chaotic energy can be fun.

Talkshoe style example

G.C.community chat with kerry partin

G.C.Community Chat With Kerry Partin
Show ID: 82757
A platform for Garden City Mi residents and surrounding areas to voice opinions, comments, and make any announcements they may have. A community forum. Join us won’t you? Call now!

#2 – News/current events style:

“News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising.”

Katharine Graham, inventor of the pop-up ad
News/current events style…This one means a lot of work. You’re dealing in truth here, that can be hard to find these days. This format comes with exhaustive research, dedication to the truth and a level of diligence that only comes from a burning obsession for the subject. But it also comes with the knowledge that you are making a difference in the world, the opportunity to speak truth to power, and the satisfaction is seeing your hard work pay off.

Talkshoe style example

liberty librarian

Liberty Librarian
Show ID: 9757215
Tune in for intellectual freedom news of the world and commentary. Join us Every Thursday from 3-4:30pm pacific

#1 – Repurposed content style:

“There is no new thing under the sun”

Solomon, so famous he only needs one name, like Kanye
Repurposed content style….this is an opportunity to take a look at, well, almost anything. A discerning eye on the news of yesterday. A frank study of your favourite sport before ballooning salaries ruined it all. A deep dive into the music of a band that once stood for freedom and now writes jingles for laundry soap.This is your chance to tell the world what you think about THAT. Warning, some people can be very touchy about you using their copyrighted content. Especially former hippies who now make a comfortable living writing songs about stain-lifting power. Trust me.

Talkshoe style example

masters of the retroverse

Masters of the Retroverse
Show ID: 139353
Are you a product of the 80s or 90s? Masters of the Retrovrese talks all things vintage games, movies, TV shows, toys, and pop culture in a kid friendly format.

Your Podcast Style is up to you.

Your podcast is you. And like you, it may not fit into a mould. One time it can be shocking and irreverent. The next it can be deep and contemplative. It can be open-ended and Laissez-faire one moment and be structured and formal the next. The Talkshoe format allows you to be you, and for your podcast to be anything you want.
If you’re looking to start a podcast, for free, check us out at www.Talkshoe.com!