Features You Need in a Web Conferencing System

black-lady-computerNow more than ever, web conferencing has become such a critical aspect of how we communicate in real-time. With more people making the move towards working from home; businesses opening up to expand in burgeoning markets and remote teams being made up of workers around the globe, free web conferencing software provides your workforce with easy two-way communication.

But what exactly should you be looking for in a web conferencing service? First things first; meeting online needs to be simple and hassle-free. The technology should feel reliable without being complicated. It should be easy to set up, provide a wide range of features, and integrate seamlessly into your business model.

A web conferencing service that comes loaded with solutions for work and play will stand out from the other options.

Here are the features you need in a web conferencing system.


From the get-go, web conferencing that offers you peace of mind instead of a headache could be the difference between making a business deal or losing one. When your web conference platform performs consistently well, it makes you and your online interactions look polished and professional.

Teachers and educators, for example, can use web conferencing to engage meeting participants during online learning. Near or far, and regardless of educational content, video meetings, and conference calling enrich the learning experience by offering flexible learning options, pre-recorded classes, student portals, etc.

Tutorials, webinars, workshops, and one-on-ones enrich content for learners with reliable web conferencing that ensures a high-quality, fast, and easy connection for streamlined learning – for free!

No Software Installs

lady-laptop-parkSoftware installs can be tricky and cause delays. Knowing how to set-up the technology properly can be expensive, require multiple moving parts, and be challenging for participants to use if they’re not localized.

On the other hand, browser-based web conferencing operating systems optimized for zero downloads, and zero set-ups put the power of communication at your fingertips. Anyone with a device can access the online meeting and not have to worry about downloading, storing or updating apps.

It’s so much easier and far more productive when users can immediately launch into the conversation and get down to business without worrying about device compatibility, operating systems, or long login information. Think of all the time you can save and how much deeper your conversations can go when you’re not stressed out worrying about connecting cords, managing devices, and sorting out your virtual set up.

Plus, browser-based web conferencing provides the same high level of audio and video quality with the added bonuses of:

File Sharing: Share links, media, videos, files, documents, and images with the click of a button for your easy viewing convenience – all in one place.

lady-computerOnline Conference Room: Have everyone convene in the online meeting room before the conversation gets underway. Once the host shows up, s/he can open up the meeting on time to get started.

Screen Sharing: Just like desktop sharing, this feature allows any user to share exactly what they’re seeing on their screen with anyone in the meeting. Perfect for breaking down online navigation, hard to explain software functions, or walking a client through a system, process or presentation, screen sharing is a required feature that shows what you need to explain rather than telling it.

Instant Messaging: Keep the flow of the meeting uninterrupted by firing off quick bits of information privately or for everyone to see. This works exceptionally well for items like a hotel address, clarification on a person’s name, or a specific date.

…and more!

Full Reporting

Any web conferencing tool worth getting will come with unified communications features that give you the full scope of your online meeting. Collaborative software that captures all facets of the conversation like transcription, detailed reports, and audio and video recording, holds space for your online meeting to naturally unfold.

There’s no need to worry about taking notes or having to ask someone to repeat their thought or idea. Simply hit the record button to save now and watch later. When everything said and done is captured, your attention becomes undivided. You can remain present at all times and provide well-thought-out feedback, a smooth presentation, or coaching sessions that give way to more potential breakthroughs.

Free web conferencing software that comes with full-reporting features ensures no one leaves the meeting feeling like they missed something. A detailed account that outlines what transpired using timestamps, dates, speaker tags, text chat logs and a list of who entered the conversation and left provides participants with an accurate account of the meeting from start to finish. There are no question marks or missing data.

Furthermore, these smart summaries are easily searchable so you can say goodbye to long email threads. Simply enter in a keyword, and just like searching your email, you can pull up exactly what you’re looking for in moments.

Ease of Customization

Similar to Adobe Connect and other conferencing solutions, a web conferencing platform that allows you to plan meetings in advance or on the spot provides you with the opportunity for customization, amongst other things.

Consider how customizable security features can play a big role in how you communicate online when you’re sharing sensitive, highly confidential content. Add on the Meeting Lock or One-Time Access Code for a unique code that expires after your meeting has ended.

For meetings where attendees only listen, like a teleseminar or lecture, hosts can incorporate “integrated voice” for an audio-only experience. Rather than using a telephone, one-way audio gives hosts the flexibility to get their message across by way of a computer or device using the Internet.

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