Considering A Video Conferencing Solution For Your Business? Start Here

Communication is important. Crisp, clear and straightforward communication is imperative.

Work Video conferenceThink of all the times a conversation with a client has gone sideways or a time a pitch was delivered exceptionally well. What’s the difference? What are the similarities?

We know that body language and tone convey just as much as the words we speak and project, if not more. Being able to read between the lines when sending and receiving messages gives people on both sides of the conversation a better look into what we really mean and want to say.

It should come as no surprise that more and more companies are resorting to video conferencing solutions as a way to communicate more constructively. Hosting a video conference gives participants a way to be face-to-face in real-time with up to hundreds of people. And the features that come along with a group communications solution are very appealing too.

But where are you in the consideration phase? What are some things you should be made more aware of before jumping in? If you’re on the fence, unsure about which side to fall on, take a look at some of the must-have criteria when you’re researching video conferencing options.

Think About Your Workflow

Video ConferencingAs much as technology is designed to help us, there are times it feels like it does a better job at hindering! When it comes to video conferencing solutions, some are a little more streamlined than others. Dial-in information that is challenging to track down, entry pins that are hard to remember, no automatic invitations and reminders; These may sound like small features, but they amount to large time savings. No one wants to spend time looking for information in long email threads or fussing with technology.

Look for a video conferencing solution that has an intuitive user face and takes into account the full user journey; from logging-in to scheduling to being reminded of calls. Chances are your workflow is already hefty or at least, planned and organized. Save yourself the headache with video conferencing software that integrates seamlessly into your working hours, saving you time and energy. Compare features like PIN-less Entry, Invitations and Reminders and an automatic Address Book that makes your workflow smooth and bump-free.

Think About The Cost

The cost to outfit a meeting room with all the video conferencing accoutrements (screens, speakers, SIP connection, licensing, support fees, etc) can be pricey. For some businesses, this is a must, and if it is for yours, make sure to read the fine print. Look at the pricing scales, calculate the “per usage” costs, and add-on features. Perhaps you already have the space, and in-room cameras and microphones. Research which technology can adapt to an already existing room, a potential room or a handheld device or laptop.

If your video conferencing needs can live without the bells and whistles of a large, defined space, consider the following options. Could you invest in a huddle room? What about a video conferencing solution for devices, desktops and laptops that provides free services including download-free free video conferencing, free screen sharing and a free online meeting room with minimal upgrades; no contracts required and you can cancel anytime? Sounds pretty good!

Think About Infrastructure

Office Meeting RoomDepending what you already have, and where you want to go, it’s about selecting video conferencing technology that works for you, not against you. Take the time to factor in which tech works with what you’ve got rather than reinventing the wheel. Save yourself the headache, time, money – and the IT team’s energy!

And, think about how you want it to unfold in the coming years. Is your business looking to expand? Are you opening more offices or hiring more freelancers and remote workers? Is it a balance of both? Breaking down the nature of where you’re headed (or where you want to go) will provide better insight to the video conferencing technology that will support your needs.

Think About Growth And Scalability

The beauty of video conferencing technology is that it’s designed to be used internationally and accessible from wherever you are. You don’t have to be chained to your desk, nor do you have to be stuck in one country. If you’re really thinking ahead, you might even consider the eco-friendly option of getting rid of your office altogether in favor of setting up a remote team!

If you aren’t ready to let go of your office, no sweat. But what’s your future vision? How do you want your employees to work? How do you want to work? What’s it like to hire top talent in your field? Or reach out to suppliers, vendors, and specialists? Bridging the communication gap between these groups can easily be done through video conferencing that strengthens the bond and ultimately encourages your company to scale. You don’t have to choose locally anymore. Your talent pool is the globe; your vendors can be located and contacted in the far corners of the planet. Your team can be part of an international network secured through one communication venue that keeps everyone updated, and in the loop.

Get the full rundown with that provides group communication solutions for solopreneurs, and small to midsize businesses. Roll out your communications strategy with video conferencing and conference calling that works to empower your business’ vision. With a plethora of free features that includes unlimited conference calls, toll numbers, 1,000 phone participants, free video conferencing, free screen sharing, and more, your video conferencing solution is obvious.