15 Ways For Your Small Business To Go Green And Save Money

In this day and age, there’s a plethora of ways to make your business more environmentally friendly. With so many incentives and small ways you can make a big change, it’s a no brainer for companies (large, small and solo) to jump on the bandwagon and do their part the best way they can.

Ideas that benefit the worldAnd if being a little more environmentally conscious isn’t enough to drive you to make a few changes, at the very least, think of the money you’ll save. By just implementing a handful of these small wins, you could potentially save thousands of dollars a year. It’s a win-win-win situation for you, your business and mother nature. Here are a few ways to get started:

Install Light Timers

In the stairwell, in high traffic areas, anywhere that would otherwise be dark could benefit from a light sensor that turns on when it detects movement.

Give Employees The Option To Telecommute

If working from home and attending a meeting using video conferencing technology is possible, try offering employees the option to stay at home. It’ll save everyone the headache, and gas money that comes with commuting.

Opt For Paperless Billing

Who needs piles of paper bills? Whether for banking purposes or any accounts, it’s just added weight. Plus, if a printed statement goes missing, it’s lost forever. With digital bills and statements, you’re saving paper and they’re so much easier to file, locate and send.

Print Double-Sided

When you can, printing double-sided documents saves ink and paper and occupies less space when collated which is lighter and easier for transportation. Hard copies are important for some documents, otherwise, digital copies or saving on the cloud for easy access or document and screen sharing via virtual meeting is more efficient.

Video ConferencingMake The Most Of Natural Light

Set up your working area to take advantage of natural light. Not only does it make everything look better (as opposed to abrasive fluorescent lighting), natural light conserves energy. Consider making adjustments (unobstructing windows; moving furniture; knocking down a wall) to let in more outdoor light in place of artificial light.

Jump On The Cloud

Cloud technology allows everyone to store, access and share documents, files, images, audio and more without having to rely on external resources like paper, ink, paperclips, staples, etc. Plus, let’s not forget how cloud technology is always backed up and helps spike your business’ potential for scalability. Bonus!

Insert A “Go Green” Reminder In Your Email Signature

Simple, yet effective. In everyone’s email signature, add a catchy reminder about being conscious when it comes to printing. Or, maybe your office is already certified or compliant. Be sure to include those logos, too.

Replace Lightbulbs

Do a sweep through the office and see where you can replace inefficient light bulbs with LED and other energy efficient models.

Get Rid Of The Office Entirely

Can your business function without actually operating from an office? If not today, maybe in a few years? Would a communal workspace be more efficient? Think of how you can use video conferencing to host meetings with clients instead of having a physical location and completely cut down your carbon footprint.

Be A Recycler

Provide recycle bins throughout the office and outdoors for sorting glass, paper and compost. Everything else goes into the trash.

Going GreenThink Refurbished

If you’re unsure about shelling out money for a piece of tech you’ve never used, consider buying refurbished technology. Need a little decor in the office? Look into vintage or second hand furniture to spruce up the place.

Drill Down To A Four-Day Week

A four-day work week gives employees the opportunity to log into virtual meetings using video conferencing while working from home. Overhead costs at the office are cut (heating, cooling, electricity), commutes are shortened, and general morale goes up.

Set Up A Carpooling Initiative

Send out an email for employees to determine who lives where and if a carpool plan works to their benefit. Ridesharing saves on the cost of gas, makes the commute more lively and forges new bonds amongst employees.

Make Team Building Activities Greener

Try an activity that doesn’t involve consumption – sign up for a rooftop garden or plant trees. Reduce packaging from take-out at lunchtime by planning a potluck where everyone brings in a dish to share.

Cut Out In-Person Meetings

Meeting in person requires commuting across town which is an ineffective use of time, especially if you get stuck in traffic, have to pay for parking and end up showing up late anyways! Limit these face-to-face interactions with video conferencing or conference calls that make any sync seamless.

With FreeConference.com, you’re doing your part to pitch in and help save the planet. Little steps like recycling updating light bulbs and having meetings online are all part of a greener initiative. Take advantage of the features and benefits of online meetings that include Free Screen Sharing, Document Sharing, PIN-less Entry and more.