7 Ways Video and Voice Will Enhance Your Customer Solutions

Retailers know that the key to success is customer satisfaction.

The retail industry has become a shining example of having to find ways to stay current and relevant in an ever-changing landscape – one that took a sharp turn in 2020. With the event of a global pandemic, retailers had no choice but to pivot from physical shopping and brick-and-mortar locations to find another way to still keep their business afloat and meet the needs of customers.

A newfound type of retailer emerged; if not fully transitioning online, then businesses created “click and mortar” locations – a hybrid solution of still maintaining a storefront while also opening up a website or app.

Just like the rest of the world, retailers turned to “online” and video as business lifesavers. By implementing video customer service solutions, businesses could stay afloat and customers could still shop and have their needs met.

With video and voice customer solutions you can:

1. Enhance Shopping ExperiencesVideo Shopping

With video, customers are more apt to want to socialize and engage with your products and services. By creating a culture of online window shopping, customers feel more inclined to reach the end of the consumer journey and make a purchase.

2. Open Up Your Customer Base

Instead of just appealing to a local market, video customer solutions open up your business to a global market. An international audience becomes easier to reach and add to your customer base.

3. Livestream Sales Events

Bring all of your announcements, launches, and special offers into an online space where you can lead prospects and customers via video. Live or pre-recorded, you can feature your product or service upfront and center

4. Provide Additional Care And Support

At any point in the customer experience, video solutions offer the opportunity for connection. Straight from the get-go, you can create a chatbot; assess orders and field questions via messaging; use the camera to troubleshoot, and so much more. The same applies to aftercare; implement video for follow-ups and future appointments or check-ins.

Now that you understand how it will enhance your front-line customer experience, let’s talk about behind-the-scenes. For retailers looking to stay relevant, and competitive, offer customers a cutting-edge online shopping experience with video solutions that go above and beyond on the scene and behind the scenes to offer the following:

Online Shopping5. Training Staff Online

Any changes or updates, new hires, additions to workflows, scheduling, and more – all of this can be done online using a management app designed to make online training seamless.

6. Staying In Touch With Customers Regularly

Whether you have a pending launch, are changing your hours, or making new deals on your website, consistent communication with customers via emails, invitations, and reminders, recorded video, chat support, and instant online meetings shorten and enhance the customer journey.

7. Personalizing The Customer Experience

At any point during the customer journey, if you want to create long-lasting relationships, offer some sort of personalization like keeping track of customer preferences, and creating content for memberships.

When customer satisfaction is at the top-of-mind awareness of retailers, it becomes a smooth and long-lasting relationship throughout the customer journey and after. Video customer solutions not only ensure retailers stay relevant, but it’s also changing how customers choose to shop and interact with brands of all sizes. For more information on how you can easily offer your customers video and voice solutions to improve customer satisfaction check out our solutions for retail.

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