iotum’s white-label meeting solutions are fully customizable and can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing product suite to increase revenue and retention.

Video Meetings
Team Messaging


Video Meetings with Collaboration Tools

Offer your customers a video meeting solution with collaboration tools that bridge the gap between virtual and real-world meetings.  

  • Download-free video conferencing
  • Document and screen sharing
  • Scheduling with auto invitations and reminders
  • Online whiteboard
  • Annotation and laser pointer
  • Recording and transcriptions with sentiment analysis
  • Mobile applications and plug-ins
  • Connects seamlessly to iotum team messaging and drive
  • Much more
White Label Video Conferencing


Enterprise Team Messaging

Provide your clients one online location for their team to chat, meet and collaborate on a daily basis. Unite remote teams and workers by bridging the gap with an online space that brings organization cohesion and clarity to every project, task, or team set-up.  

  • Browser-based or downloadable app
  • Create direct messages or channels
  • Guest chat for onboarding or support
  • File Sharing
  • Connects seamlessly to iotum online meetings and drive
  • Much more
Team Messaging App


Webinars & Events

Give your clientele the opportunity to engage with audiences in real-time with flexible meeting modes, interactive features and powerful analytics.  

  • Engage on any device - mobile, table, desktop
  • Pre-record or cast live
  • Polls and surveys
  • Engage with your audience through chat
  • Connect and stream live to YouTube
  • Get insights into who joined and more with our powerful analytics dashboard
  • Much more
White Label Webinar Solution


Transform Your Application With Plug-And-Play APIs & SDKs

Bring your phone application into the 21st century by embedding video calling and real-time chat into your existing product for “almost real-life” connections using our plug-and-play APIs and SDKs. Add a video or chat button right into your soft phone so customers can seamlessly switch between phone calls and video calls with the click of a button. 

  • App suite switcher
  • Phone to video calls
  • Single sign-on
  • Live annotation
  • Video messaging
  • Much more
iotum service diagram

Transform Your Product Suite

iotum’s white-label platform gives you complete customization of the communication experience without building it from scratch. Leverage iotum’s proprietary technology including video, messaging,  and so much more – branded with your look and feel.

video call api multi features

Seamless Integration With Minimal Development Hours

iotum’s plug-and-play, out-of-the-box tech allows you to expand your existing product suite by offering video meetings, online collaboration and messaging completely branded as your own with minimal effort:

  • Boost your development team’s morale and cut costs with a complete plug-and-play solution.
  • Save valuable time and money by drastically reducing research and development tasks
  • Increase your overall revenue and retention by giving your customers everything they need in one solution. 

Showcase Your Brand

Are selling a  typical commercial video conferencing solution? Did you know your customers can chose to go direct at anytime? Add to your product suite and offer your own meeting solution. Hosted on your own domain, with your branding and colours there is never any indication of iotum anywhere. We are your silent partner.

Scaleable With Exceptional ROI

Offer video conferencing, online meetings, chat and webinars to your existing customers under the brand they already trust – yours. Integrate cloud technology to experience a revenue share model that has favorable margins and pricing, with ongoing benefits.

Experience Secure, Standards-Based State-Of-The-Art Technology

  • WebRTC standards-based technology with zero downloads
  • HIPAA compliant  
  • No off-shore development
  • Hosted on AWS, DigitalOcean

Does your product suite offer a meeting solution?

Let’s face it. Everyone uses video conferencing, the only question is “who provides it”? Your customers know and trust you! Enhance your offering with a white label meeting platform and stop giving business away.

BPX provider option

PBX Providers

If you’re a phone system vendor and are looking to add a meeting solution to your offering without building it, iotum is here for you.  Seamlessly expand your UCaaS offering by adding video calls with app switch to your soft phone.  Utilize iotum’s full package to modernize your client’s experience with video, digital collaboration tools, messaging and more.


Managed Service Providers

iotum provides you with an exceptional product to resell as part of your service offerings. As a fully customizable solution, you have the option to control your client’s video conferencing requirements by offering your own customized plans and rates. This service can enhance and complement your existing IT managed service offerings.


Phone Carriers

Expand your offering with iotum by integrating our meeting solution seamlessly into your product suite. It’s easy to integrate with your existing phone lines and will work to create a more dynamic and optimized business model and ROI.


Easily Attract Customers and Win Against Zoom, TEAMS AND riNG cENTRAL WITH A Ready-To-Go White-Label Meeting Solution

Don’t build from scratch, leverage our REST API and Webhooks and offer your own branded meeting solution. You’ll never see the iotum logo, just your branding front, and center.

Attract Prospects And Retain Current Clients With A High-Quality Meeting Solution

  • Super Sharp HD Video & Crisp Audio
    iotum’s Live Video supports 1080p resolution for clear a picture that consumes less bandwidth.
  • Collaborate Remotely
    With chat, screen sharing, document sharing, online white boarding, and live annotation it’s easy to stay connected and productive.
  • Scheduling, Invitations, and Reminders
    With conference scheduling and reminders users can automate the scheduling processes, increase engagement and reduce caller absentee rates.
  • Multiple Integrations
    Enjoy a customized integration solution that includes video, voice, live audio streaming, live video streaming, real-time messaging, recording, transcriptions powered by AI with Sentiment Analysis and meeting analytics.
  • Ease Of Use
    Simple and straightforward navigation, color-coded buttons, no-downloads needed and fast functions for optimized viewing and use.

Offer A Product That Establishes Online Presence By Allowing Your Customers To Make It Their Own

  • Leave Your Brand’s Mark
    iotum provides brand-tailored extras like Custom Hold Music, Audio Signatures, and your brand and logo across meeting summaries, display windows, and so much more.
  • Allow Your Customers To Showcase Their Logo Too
    Your customers can drive client loyalty by using their own domain and popping in their logo so prospective clients can immediately identify them and trust their high level of professionalism.
  • Create Smoother Customer Experiences Online
    Make it simple and cohesive for users to visually recognize and navigate your meeting technology by designing a unified look across mobile, desktop, and other devices.

You And Your Clients Can Trust A Safe And Secure Connection

  • Local Developers Only
    Unlike other meeting providers, iotum’s developers are located in the UK, USA, and Canada only. Hiring is done locally in order to keep our business and our client’s “business” secure.
  • Routing Via Secure Locations
    Zero calls are routed through compromised locations like Russia and China (unlike many other providers). Every call and connection stays within our trusted network.
  • Secure WebRTC Technology
    iotum is web-based (no downloads required), and implements secure WebRTC technology that is consistently and automatically updated.

iotum Makes Your Brand Accessible Across Multiple Touchpoints

iotum’s white-label solutions give you the freedom to bring your brand to the forefront without any development, all you have to do is sell. Your messaging, your brand, your logo, and your colors are displayed first for a better-looking overall product that comes with all the bells and whistles. Enjoy the functionality and features of a ready-to-go web conferencing platform that seamlessly fits into your product offering.

iotum not only provides technology for standalone solutions but also supports existing workflows for business, branding, training and so much more.

HIPAA logo


Our white-label solution is powered by WebRTC, Ruby on Rails, Python, and React. iotum’s REST API and Webhooks provide a  leading-edge platform that is straightforward and enjoyable for clients and developers to engage with. Partners can also chose to leverage our SDKs with APIs if they’d like a more custom integration.

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