Let Screen Sharing Do The Showing Instead Of Telling During Your Next Online Meeting

If video conferencing has taught us anything, it’s that transmitting information has the potential to be far more engaging, collaborative and convenient. Anything you can write in an email can also be seamlessly conveyed in a quick one-on-one sync or a pre-planned online meeting with hundreds of participants. Online meetings can be held anytime, anywhere, thanks to video conferencing that has become such a cornerstone in how we communicate in business. The old adage, “a picture says a thousand words,” couldn’t ring any more true, and with high quality audio and visual capabilities, a video (and all its features) probably says a few hundred thousand more!

Video conferencing

If you prefer showing something rather than explaining it, you probably prefer seeing it rather than having to read all of it! Besides, there are some things that are understood better when they’re visually conveyed instead of through long-winded messages or instructions that need to be deconstructed. Give your audience or colleagues an online meeting experience where they can learn or take part in real-time on a project that leaves a lasting impression.

The free screen sharing feature is a remarkable tool that allows the speaker to facilitate a presentation or host an online meeting that’s more captivating than relying on a slide deck. For a pitch, manifesto, rebranding or anything that requires collaboration or winning over clients or an audience, the free screen sharing feature does a fantastic job at setting up the scene. Not only do you get to tell your story, you get to show your story first hand by bringing it to life and bringing in your audience. Let’s take a look at how free screen sharing can be used for many purposes including virtual meetings, creative pitches and more, for any industry!

What is Screen Sharing?

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing – also known as desktop sharing – gives other participants in the online meeting a view of your computer screen or anything that you pull up on your computer screen in real-time. Rather than having to create a deck in advance with links, images, and documents already placed, screen sharing provides the freedom of collaborating with your team in the moment that they’re watching.

This is especially helpful if you’re working on something but can’t meet in person. Want to take participants through a company video and stop at different spots for a Q&A or discussion? Working on a rebranding project with remote workers who need a demo before making any last minute changes as per the client’s request? Not only is screen sharing an ideal tool for presentations, it helps make projects that require collaboration like setting up a donation campaign or working on an integrated marketing campaign less of a logistical headache.

Thanks to screen sharing, amendments can be accomplished in a more timely manner. There are far less complications when you can just ask your team to jump on a call and go through the task together. Long confusing email threads are at a minimum and time is saved when team members can be shown what to do instead of told.

How Do I Access Screen Sharing During A Conference Call?

Online meeting

It’s easy! After you’ve set up an online meeting with team members, wait for everyone to join in your online meeting room, then click the share button on top of the screen to initiate screen sharing. You can then decide if you want to share your entire screen or any of the open windows on your device.

The first time you screen share, a message will pop up asking you to add a ‘FreeConference.com Screen Sharing’ browser extension – click on ‘Add Extension’ to continue. If you didn’t see the pop-up message, simply click here.

Watch how screen sharing changes the way projects are worked on and communication between colleagues is improved. Create or log into your FreeConference.com account and see how the workflow runs more smoothly by having real-time access to everything you need to get your project done from anywhere at anytime. Enjoy features like video and screen sharing, call scheduling, automated email invitations, reminders, and more.