Host Training and Tutorials Online Using Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing

Empower employees with the know-how they need to excel in their role by using video conferencing. If you are looking to equip your team with new content in their current position; If an employee is looking to level up their skillset; If a new hire needs to be brought up to speed with the workflow of the office, information and learning needs to happen quickly, affordably and efficiently.

The fast track to expediting knowledge at lightning speed is by hosting training and tutorials online – right here, right now. With superior features like video and screen sharing, virtually transmitting skills means trainees can exchange knowledge and experiences that motivates and builds strength while also being enjoyable. Online training sessions provide trainees with the support they need to learn new material from points of authority without being geographically dependent. Flexibility, inclusivity, and convenience, these are just a few of the many perks that come with running training events online.

Online meeting

So how does screen sharing make such an impact? It’s a simple tool that literally changes perspectives and gets everyone on the same page. Screen sharing offers the ability to remotely view the desktop screen of the presenter, making any presentation, tutorial or demonstration more dynamic. It’s in real-time and helps to show rather than tell someone how to accomplish a task. Rather than providing step-by-step instructions or long winded emails, simply jumping online and using the screen sharing tool gives the presenter the power to convey what they’re trying to say by doing it via an interaction on the screen. This feature works particularly well if you’re training your team how to use new software; or a colleague needs an IT solution that requires troubleshooting.

  • Lower training costs – Swap out flight tickets and accommodations when you can set up your laptop at home. There’s no need to commute or stress about parking when everything you need to learn can be accessed in one place.
  • Better team collaboration – Just because your training group isn’t physically in front of you, doesn’t mean you can’t edit and work on projects in real-time. Sharing videos and files plus taking advantage of screen sharing makes everyone feel like they’re in the same room!
  • Improved interactive learning – Training via video conferencing offers on-the-spot learning. Trainees can use Moderator Controls to ‘raise their hand,’ text chat questions immediately, etc.
  • Flexibility – Life becomes much more balanced when trainees can use technology that fits with their life. Tutorials can be accessed using the Mobile Conference App on smartphones, and schedules can be set up via the Google Calendar Sync.

Let’s say a new hire has been onboarded. After rigorous recruiting via video conferencing and discovery calls, top talent from overseas has been chosen for an open role. But the process shouldn’t end there. This person is qualified, skilled and expected to provide a fresh, new outlook. Before the new hire physically arrives for day one on the job, preliminary training involving video and screen sharing that’s succinct and on point can be the difference between a smooth transition and a not-so-smooth transition. Providing employees with the tools they need to succeed not only makes them feel valued, it ensures a comfortable landing on the other side that leads to better business results. Plus, it sets them up for favorable outcomes.

Screen sharing

Using video conferencing with screen sharing as the communications platform, the new hire can get a head start learning the ins and outs of their new workplace. This applies even for large groups of up to 1,000 participants (that could be a whole department!) who need a first hand crash course on how to use the new system software or instill company-wide cyber security protocols through an online workshop or seminar.

Even demonstrations become more engaging. A trainee can watch as the trainer takes them through how to use the new email server, answering all their questions as they go. This online method of training proves to be a time and money saver, with a high amount of learning satisfaction. Anyone looking to acquire additional skills that enhances the quality of their career, can do so in the comfort of their own home with the help of screen sharing and other collaborative features!

Let FreeConference’s 2-way communication platform strengthen and motivate your team to learn faster and collaborate more easily. Features like Screen Sharing, Active Speaker, the Online Meeting Room and Free Video Conferencing give employees the opportunity to up their level of expertise. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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