How Screen Sharing Has Changed the Way Students Learn

Why Screen Sharing is a Game-Changer in 21st Century Education

Thinking back to our school days, many of us probably remember sitting in class while the teacher stood in front of a whiteboard conducting the day’s lessons. Even today, this remains the primary way in which classroom education is conducted around the world. Until relatively recently, it was the only way classroom lessons were conducted. Now, 21st century digital technology has expanded the tools available for teachers and students to interact with one another both inside and outside the classroom. While many digital tools have made a profound impact on education, such as video conferencing, file sharing, and online classroom portals, today we will be taking a look at some of the ways teachers and students utilize screen sharing.

Screen Sharing for Conducting Virtual Presentations

Whether you’re presenting a PowerPoint slideshow, a word document, or leading a step-by-step tutorial for computer-based tasks, screen sharing is the perfect tool. With screen sharing, no longer are teachers and students confined to the physical classroom in order to participate in real-time lessons complete with with learning materials. Whether from a library, office, or the comfort of one’s own home, online screen sharing tools enable teachers and students to (quite literally) be on the same page with lessons conducted—and accessed—anywhere.

Share Entire Screen, Single Application, or Upload Files for Presenting

While the ability to share your entire computer screen ( and everything on it) is ideal for some types of virtual presentations, it isn’t always optimal for the sharing of particular files or applications. Online screen sharing and web conferencing tools such as FreeConference provide users the option to share their entire computer screen, an open application, or files uploaded within the platform. These different ways of sharing offer students and teachers flexibility when it comes to presenting lessons, assignments, and learning materials.

In-Classroom Applications for Screen Sharing

As useful an application inside the classroom as it is outside, screen sharing facilitates online learning from anywhere while also aiding with lessons conducted in-person. In a traditional classroom environment, screen sharing can be used as a visual aid during live presentations by allowing viewers to follow along in real time from their own devices. This is particularly useful in situations where classroom projectors and presentation-sized monitors are not available.

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