Reseller 101: How to Leverage Callbridge to Brand Your Ideal Video Conference

Office video conferenceTrust is paramount to any business venture. As a business, having your own video conference provider can establish a great deal of trust towards your clients and business associates. By now, you probably know about some of Callbridge’s unique benefits, but you may be wondering about the benefits of leveraging Callbridge’s platform towards your own brand’s communication capabilities.

This article will break down some of Callbridge’s reseller benefits. While some may be more subtle than others, you’ll find that Callbridge spared no expense in making sure that your firm can utilize Callbridge’s personalization options to leave the best possible reputation.

Your brand’s colors are your brand’s moodboard

Callbridge’s UI can be customized to include your brand’s unique color palette. When your guests use Callbridge’s service, they will associate Callbridge’s superior quality and attention to detail with your brand’s colors. Creating the association between quality and the colors of your brands will reinforce the sense of trust that guests feel when they use your service.

For example, if your brand’s colors are blue and red, they will be prominently displayed on Callbridge’s user interface. When your guests join a video conference, seeing those colors will remind them that they are with a company that has taken steps to assure that every point in the business relationship has been thought out.

Your domain builds trust

Deal achievement conferenceDo not spend countless hours thousands of dollars on your business relationships, only to forward your precious guests to a generic URL that undermines their trust in you. In the age of computers where access to the internet is considered a fundamental right, sending your guests to anything less than a personalized URL is a bad business move.

Callbridge allows you the option of a customizable URL that will fit your business, avoiding the embarrassment of sending carbon-copy URLs made by second-rate service providers.

Your logo is your stamp of approval

Callbridge allows you to prominently place your company’s logo on Callbridge’s UI, allowing everyone that joins your video conference to view it. Your guests will be assured of the quality they are about to experience, and this trust will carry forward into future business interactions. Your logo will also be displayed on your conference dashboard and sign-in page.

Your personal greeting is your unique message to the world

Window success message

When your guests call into Callbridge, they will be met with a personal greeting. This greeting will be distinct to your video conference and your video conference alone, and should represent your business and its values. You should take care to use this opportunity to its fullest, and make sure your personal greeting is the correct one for your audience and brand.

This also presents a unique opportunity for any newcomers to your business to receive a positive and individualized first impression upon joining your video conference. As it is commonly known in the business world, first impressions are not only important; they are sometimes the only chance you get to create a relationship.