How An Online Whiteboard Effectively Helps With Time Management For Educators

For educators who shape the minds of students time is a limited resource. Digital classrooms have helped to create better work/life integration (for both students and teachers) but time is of the essence, no less, and let’s face it; whether you’re in an online classroom or using video conferencing as a tool in a real classroom, schedules are jam packed with classes to plan, curriculums to unfold and a syllabus to adhere to. It’s not uncommon for teachers to feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that need to get done, let alone the infinity of marking that comes with the job. Educators have the power to instill knowledge and inspire students, but even in their prestigious role, they too only have 24 hours in a day.

Online Education

Cutting edge technology like video conferencing using an online whiteboard encourages better information sharing, productivity, and efficient distance collaboration – important factors for building a nurturing learning environment. By using collaborative tools like an online whiteboard, teachers can save time and make lessons more engaging for students.

Whether you’re a professor, an assistant, a principal, a counsellor or anyone who works in education, there is only so much time to nurture a student’s scholastic career. Try implementing an online whiteboard to help you:

Whizz Through Marking

When students send in their assignments via an online whiteboard, this provides teachers with a layer of convenience. By simply logging on, marking can be done by accessing the files through file sharing and centralization. With a few clicks, and by utilizing the drawing tool, projects can be effectively graded and returned digitally. Comments, circles, and actual proofing markings on the assignment are digitally provided for easy readability, access and instant receipt or handing out. Use the online whiteboard to help you get through the more subjective marking while giving students the opportunity to grade each other’s the more objective marking (right or wrong). This is a great chance for them to see how their peers think respond to feedback and how to think critically about their own answers.

Get A Handle On Time-To-Learning Ratios

Every teacher pours time and energy into creating a lesson that resonates with students, so it comes as no surprise that a 30-minute lesson can take three hours to plan! That’s a pretty big time-to-learning ratio. Ditch the meticulous presentation deck and switch over to using the online whiteboard for lessons that are more engaging and require less planning. Consider the time spent preparing an activity compared to the learning that comes out of the lesson. This is where you can include links while you’re using an online whiteboard or pull up files and images or draw in real-time rather than spending hours beforehand creating presentation or photocopying, printing, cutting, gluing, pasting and binding booklets and materials – the list goes on!

Cut Down Menial Tasks

Using an online whiteboard to disseminate ideas means everything is done digitally (and excuses like, “My dog ate my homework,” don’t stand a chance anymore!). No more having to source information, collate it then head over to the printer and make copies. There’s no need for making anything single sided or double-sided; scanning happens on occasion, not over and over again; you don’t have to wait in line to print or deal with printer jams. There’s no ink, no shortage of paper, etc. All of these rather simple, annoying and definitely consuming tasks that quickly add up and eat into your time are avoided by using an online whiteboard.

Longer Lasting Ideas

Some stuff is hard to explain, and sure, chalk and a blackboard works. But what if you could easily pull up videos, recorded lectures, even gifs that accurately put into picture what you’re trying to say? An online whiteboard breaks down hard-to-express themes by giving you a platform to pull from other places and view it all on one. Plus, you can draw a flowchart, or mind map, sketch ideas on the spot and bring life to the abstract in real-time, saving you time in the long run. Remember when you’d crack an equation or jot down a lesson, leave the classroom then return only to find your chalk markings erased? Not anymore. Save everything, and send it out to everyone so nothing goes missing! And you don’t have to write things up all over again – heaven forbid!

With, you can host conference calls and meetings with easy-to-use audio video capabilities from anywhere – for free! Enjoy the added benefit of the online whiteboard feature and watch how you can better manage your time so you can continue to inspire, engage and transform the education of students. See how a digital or real-world classroom can be transformed into a dynamic learning environment. Learn more here.