Online Meeting Tools That Empower The Delivery Of Any Presentation

Communication is at the core of how we work together within a society. The way we speak, gesticulate, even the tone in which we say our words, all of these factors greatly influence the message we’re sending. In regards to how we express ideas in business, the same concept applies. How we say what we’re saying (In person? Online meeting? Texting? Phone call?) adds another layer of meaning. Therefore, it’s essential to communicate with supportive meeting presentation tools that empower messaging effectively.

Every workplace relies on communication tools that ensure the sender and receiver can breakdown each other’s messages. Otherwise, what’s the point? There are plenty of video conferencing software choices out there, each with their own meeting presentation tools that enhance 2-way communication and facilitate productive presentations. However, to provide the best experience for an effective call, consider how the following support can give you even more.

Conference Devices

While collaborating, it’s the use of both audio and video and how they work together that create a seamless connection between two points from anywhere in the world. To have both gives any sync or briefing a more in-depth interaction. As the second best solution to being in person, the use of audio and video as one cohesively gives any online digital presentation a cutting edge.

Web conferencing with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) gives you the ability to use any Internet connection as a means to make calls directly. This extra speed is an appealing meeting presentation tool because it’s what makes web conferencing fast – and affordable via wi-fi. Presenting this quarter’s numbers or convening to present brainstorming ideas to upper management means these syncs can be connected quickly from each participant’s device. Unlike traditional calling, VoIP converts voice into a digital format that’s transported through the Internet. This offers way more flexibility, convenience and cuts down on costs. Whether conferencing technology solely uses VoIP or as a hybrid alongside a more traditional network, web conferencing with VoIP is sure to make phone conferencing connectivity faster and more efficient.

Whether there’s a handful or a room full of participants, the Online Meeting Room functions as a place for everyone to come together before making headway into the sync. As the presenter, this is a helpful meeting presentation tool that gets everyone in one place and ready to log in together. Furthermore, the Online Meeting Room can be branded with any logo and be designed up to brand standards. Add a studio-recorded custom audio signature for the perfect introduction to a presentation.

Meeting Presentation Tools

Another meeting presentation tool to help facilitate streamlined collaboration and constructive feedback is Speaker Spotlight. Managing presentations and discussions especially while in a flow can be difficult, and when there are multiple speakers, differentiating who is who can easily throw anyone off track. Knowing who is doing the talking and who is up next in line to speak, makes for a more fluid transition that’s easy to keep up. Everyone has an icon with borders that illuminates when they opt in to speak. If someone didn’t quite catch on to the comment or a moment in the presentation, Speaker Spotlight will prompt the speaker to repeat what was last said, and help prevent interruptions and speaking out of place.

Are there multiple presenters? An added feature like Priority Guest Display is a meeting presentation tool that helps to differentiate who is a guest in the presentation. Meant to highlight secondary guest speakers, this is a way to ensure that everyone gets a turn to add in their two cents for a constructive meeting that’s easy to follow.

For your next online presentation, let Callbridge’s features give every presenter a chance to shine and be heard. With remarkable features from Web Conferencing with VoIP and an Online Meeting Room in place to make every discussion flow easily and productively, Callbridge’s state-of-the-art technology fuels online meetings and presentations that promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration.

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