How An Online Whiteboard Improves Productivity For Virtual Team Meetings

Woman sitting in light-filled room propped up by big colorful pillows leaning back and writing in notebook while working on laptop wearing headphonesDoesn’t every business want to ramp up productivity? When it comes to being able to cater to the needs of your client, you and your team have to be able to maximize output without sacrificing quality. But there’s a better way of doing it rather than grinding it out. Pushing employees to their edge, stressing out about deadlines, worrying about finding new clients, and retaining current ones – these are all normal thoughts and everyday happenings for owners who work for themselves or run small to medium-sized businesses.

We know that whiteboards are the preferred way to break down ideas and concepts to people in a meeting, or for educational purposes in the classroom. But since not many of us are sitting in a huddle room with colleagues nowadays or teaching a lecture hall full of students in person, a whiteboard and markers are outdated. Instead, the old classic has been upgraded to be used online with far more features, optimizations, and benefits!

An online whiteboard comes in handy for many reasons:

  • Use it as a huge canvas where everyone can jot down ideas and include images, shapes, and drawings
  • Grab the digital pen to mark up, sketch and illustrate abstract ideas
  • Post sticky notes as reminders, inspiration, or amendments
  • Upload multimedia content including images, videos, and recordings
  • Share files and documents
  • Draw out mindmaps, workflows, steps, key points, and instructions
  • Integrate alongside Slack, Google Outlook, and more!

Man sitting at office desk, working on desktop near window, looking behind and smiling while holding a notebookAn online whiteboard can be used in an online gathering, whether professional, educational or social. It comes loaded with digital tools and features to help you shape your ideas and bring them down from the ether into real life. Plus, it’s highly engaging. You can expect to up the ante of your remote sales presentation or brainstorming session by bringing in the use of an online whiteboard while video conferencing.

Here are a few ways an online whiteboard can work to expedite processes, facilitate productivity and give you an all-around more enjoyable online meeting experience:

  1. Real-time Collaboration
    Invite participants to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions or ask questions on the online whiteboard to better instigate conversation and collaboration. When a “share” is put up on the board, it makes it easier and more inviting for others to add on. Next thing you know, you’re able to hash out a problem, gain better insight and work towards a shared goal – you can even have a little fun and share memes!
  2. Capture All The Transmissions
    A lot can transpire in an online meeting when you’re using the online whiteboard. In order to capture the steady stream of ideas sure to come out of using this digital tool, delegate a participant to be a “recorder” while you as the facilitator hold space for the meeting to flow. The recorder can capture the different permutations of the online whiteboard by snapping screenshots, hitting “Save Board” to share with others, or jotting down notes. Conversely, you can also use Meeting Recording to save now and watch later.
  3. Bird’s eye view of woman tapping away at keyboard laptop with open books, mobile device and coffee, working from stylish workspaceInvite Sharing
    At first, it can feel a little daunting sharing especially in front of colleagues or prospective clients. To make participants feel more welcome, consider building a container that is clear about who can join and how the space is utilized. When there are guidelines or parameters laid out, it helps keep the morale high and encourages participants to feel like they can co-create conversation. Use prompts, like “Now, I invite you to type in your thoughts” or “Use your pen tool to indicate…” and create a positive space that builds confidence. Steer clear from critiquing too hard, and thank participants for jumping in! A stick figure or arrow truly can make a difference.
  4. Use Shapes And Images Alongside Words
    Words come together to create our reality. But sometimes, especially in light of a complicated concept or long-winded explanation, shapes, colors, and images can do the heavy lifting better. Especially in an online environment where you may be on a time crunch, you get to illustrate your ideas faster and with more precision using an online whiteboard that’s designed to make the intangible tangible. Drill down to your core concepts by adding in words too. Throw in a video, create a photo essay, or simply use shapes to connote placement in time and space.
  5. Share Your Work In Progress
    Post-meeting, include a link to the saved online whiteboard or share an image (or a few) of it that highlights and supports the meeting’s takeaways. Furthermore, saving and sharing your online whiteboard will provide you with a record of your progress. You’ll gain a better insight into how your idea came to fruition when you can see the natural evolution of how it started and where it ended up.
  6. Heighten Engagement
    When you can add to the discussion in real-time, all of a sudden, you become a co-creator of the online meeting. Rather than just being a passive observer, you can be invited to add to the equation. As a facilitator or host, this is critical to be aware of because when you are planning your presentation, consider adding in opportunities for participation using the online whiteboard. This could be a posed question at the beginning of the meeting or a moment during the presentation that asks participants to weigh in. Either way, a chance to share means a chance for better engagement.

Let provide your online or brick and mortar business the exceptional video conferencing communication technology it deserves to showcase your offering to your audience. With many sought-after features like Screen Sharing, Recording and File Sharing, and of course, the Online Whiteboard, you can experience improved productivity and generate more leads.

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