The One Thing Coaches Need To Do To Get More Dream Clients

CoachingEvery coach is looking for their dream client. The reason you most likely got into this business in the first place is to nurture and support your client’s vision while creating an online business that serves you and your lifestyle. Their success becomes your success!

So how do you build your dream client email list, create appealing content and build your coaching brand as an expert? This is how – using video conferencing that is reliable, affordable and convenient to start hosting online workshops that showcase your authentic self. This is an opportunity to put yourself forward, gain trust and create a strong presence online, to name a few. Need more proof? Coaches should host online workshops:

Video conferencesTo Introduce Yourself As An Authority In Your Niche

All you have to do is select a workshop topic (Pro-tip: Use social media to ask your audience what they want to know more of), create some attractive-looking graphics, set up simple sign-up process and send out your video conferencing details so everyone knows how to connect to you and your offering.

To Better Determine If You Have Enough Material – And Know-How

When planning an online workshop, before you jump into a video conference, you will have to think ahead. Creating a blueprint of your workshop will give you a better idea of the bigger picture, and may help bring up tension points you can strengthen.

To Provide Packaging Options

When using video conferencing to host your workshop, you have a few packaging options – you can host live as a free opt-in, host live as a free opt-in then packaged as an evergreen opt-in or host live as a free opt-in then sold afterward. Recording now to watch later provides you with multiple opportunities to attract clients and package your services for exponential sales.

conference roomTo Test The Waters

Use video conferencing to conduct a workshop that will help you figure out what content is appealing for your ideal clientele. Don’t waste time and effort creating an intense course or detailed workbook. Coming up with smaller, bite-sized worksheets, scripts and layouts will give you a better idea of the flow and the rate of information required. Via video conferencing, you’ll be able to see how your workshop lands one-on-one or in a group session. Was it too short? Engaging enough? You’ll see where you can add or take away.

To Strengthen The Bond With Your Audience

Video conferencing gives you the gift of being in real time, anytime from anywhere. If you need feedback or want to gain a more personal in-depth connection, questions can be answered live. Ideas can be generated instantly by listening to what your clients are saying, the questions they’re asking, the topics they’re mentioning, and the stories they’re sharing via text chat and comments.

To Get You More In Tune Creating Videos

Sharing your screen, slides, documents, files or turning on the camera or keeping it turned off, video conferencing has the features you need to host a workshop flawlessly. The more you engage with the technology, the better your delivery will be. Plus, you can record and edit to create content for your social media accounts, promotional videos and more.

coaching student

Ok so now you know a few of the benefits of taking your coaching business online to host a virtual workshop, but aren’t sure what type could work for you. Here are few structures using video conferencing to help get you inspired:

  1. Bootcamps are held on multiple days within a set amount of time that teaches and builds a community. More drawn out than a single workshop, a bootcamp is an opportunity to dive into a targeted topic while bringing people together and promoting your service (especially if it’s on the expensive side of the scale).
  2. Online Classes are high intensity training sessions that start by providing your client with value but ultimately end with your coaching service as the pitch. They can last from 1-2 hours and come with worksheets, videos or other resources. They provide value for clients, can be recorded in advance or held as a live video conference or conference call.
  3. A Question and Answer Session is a great way for potential clients to see your way of thinking, while getting up close and personal to you. They can be structured or left open, and targeted towards your product or service. Keep it live or record it to be sent out in email blasts.
  4. Live Trainings are way to provide tips and tricks. It’s a high-value “take away” to gain clients’ trust and for them to walk away with quality info and a great impression of what you stand for. What can you show your audience how to do in a quick session that will leave them asking for more?
  5. A Workshop Series is a collection of smaller live trainings under the large umbrella of the same topic. For example, you could host multiple online meetings using video conferencing, each one a specific micro category/event that happens on a schedule under a larger concept.
  6. Webinars are short videos preferably in real-time but can also be recorded ahead of time. Typically, they’re full of information regarding your product or service and promote a limited time offer. Educational and engaging, they don’t provide additional resources but they are an effective venue that really break down the nuts and bolts of your service while bringing in sales.

Let provide your burgeoning coaching business with the video conferencing solutions required to stay competitive. Hosting online workshops can be done in a snap and without the headache when you use reliable technology. Plus, FreeConference is – Free! Your online workshops can be hosted with several free features that include free screen sharing, a free online meeting room, text chat, and so much more. Scale your coaching business and attract the clients you want with