How Do I Make A Video Conference Call For Free?

video call taking notesThese days, video conferencing solutions are aplenty. Everywhere you turn, there’s an option for work or play, colleagues or family, freelance, and games night! For every situation, there’s a free video course of action for you! Plus, with screen sharing and video chat on your mobile device in the palm of your hand, being reachable and reaching out couldn’t be done more efficiently.

But just in case you’ve never done it before, here’s a brief intro about the best free video conferencing out there.

What Do I Need To Make A Video Conference Call?

First and foremost, you need to have the tools. Whether for business or pleasure, the proper hardware is required. If you’ve got a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, you’re already halfway there!

Next, ensure your machine has a microphone and a camera. Headsets are nice to have, but not required. If, however, you want total privacy and more clarity, consider making the purchase. Noise-canceling, wireless headphones tend to be a top choice. They’re perfect for working from home while juggling multiple tasks (hello hands-free!).

black lady with phoneMost importantly, you will need an internet connection. Whether by wifi or cable, this will help you connect anywhere from where you are with browser-based technology that is simple and reliable to use.

No internet connection? Don’t fret. Look for dial-in numbers that give you or any caller the ability to connect to other callers from around the globe. With an easy to remember number and code that gives you direct access to the meeting, connect to your session over the web or phone for secure video conferencing. Or take it a step further and sign up for PINless entry. You’ll never have to remember your PIN or access code again.

And if you’re a person on the move, consider getting the app on your device so you’re not locked down to one place. The best free video conferencing app gives you the freedom to do what you want where you want to do it. That way, you can jump into an online meeting while running errands or joining in from a remote set up.

How Do I Set Up A Free Video Conference Call?

With the right video conferencing software, setting up free video conferencing doesn’t have to be painful. It can be a very productive and collaborative experience that brings your team closer together.

The best video conferencing apps come with features that make it extra easy to set up a free video conference call:

  • Do you have your meeting date ready and know who needs to be invited? Use the Free Online Address Book to quickly transfer and access all of your contact information in one place. Remember – you can book in advance or on the spot. It’s up to you if you need to hold an urgent meeting now or plan a status update later.
  • Call Scheduling gives you the option to plan your calls. Simply enter the date, time, subject, and set a plan. Invite participants from your saved address book, and once the request for the call is scheduled, participants will receive the invites.
  • Once you’ve established the purpose of your meeting and who needs to be there, set up the Invitations and Reminders feature to automatically send out all the required information participants need to successfully attend the meeting. Info like RSVP, access codes, dates, and the option to add the sync to their calendar are all included.
  • Group Call Invites allow you to set up groups in your Address Book to help you quickly send out invites without having to waste time selecting each participant. Your groups are established and ready to go when you need to.
  • With SMS notifications, get a text sent straight to your mobile device 15 minutes before the video conference so you can stay on schedule and never miss a meeting. If you’re the meeting organizer, you’ll receive a special Organizer Reminder where you’ll get a message if you have not joined your call 20 seconds after the first participant has entered the online meeting room.
  • After entering the access code and logging in, participants are brought into the online meeting room before the meeting starts. It’s private, on-demand, and there are zero downloads necessary. The online meeting room is where participants can begin the video or audio conference and use a variety of features for the best video conferencing experience:
    • Online whiteboard – Collaborate in real-time and express your creative ideas with shapes, colors, images, and designs.
    • lady video callScreen Sharing – Straight from your browser, share your screen for a more engaging presentation, demonstration, or effective project.
    • Document Sharing and Presenting – Promote better project management when you can easily access, view and share links, media, docs, images, and videos with the click of a mouse.
    • Text Chat – Fire off small but important details to the group or an individual without disrupting the flow of the sync.
    • And more!

What Is The Best Free App For Video Conferencing?

With many free video conferencing websites and options on the market, it’s important to go with the one that comes with the features to support your entrepreneurial endeavors. offers video conferencing services that cater to you and your business’ growing needs. With a wide range of features, and affordable plans that include a FREE option as well as a STARTER and PRO option, plus additional premium features like Meeting Recording, Smart Summaries, Caller Id, Custom Hold Music, YouTube Streaming and more – you can feel supported in all of your group communication needs.

There’s no contract, and you can cancel anytime! Let give you the tools required to lead a high quality, high energy, productive and collaborative free video conferencing meeting with your team.