Guide To Integrating Programmable Video API

View stylish office corner with large windows with a woman leaning over conference table with empty chairs, talking into laptopNowadays, you can’t go very far without video. We are truly in a living, breathing digital age that relies on the power of visual and audio transmission, where any message can be delivered and received seamlessly and directly by the exact people who need to be targeted. It’s not surprising that businesses are looking to enhance their current video solutions with programmable video conference API (application programming interface) in order to make a direct connection with their customers.

So why should you consider investing in a video solution? Not only does it provide an opportunity to create more time, cut costs and enhance your offering, a fully-integrated programmable video API solution means you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Here’s how it works:

What is Programmable Video API?

Programmable video API is an already-built system that fits into any existing platform or digital application and acts as a video calling feature to add another layer of connection. Users can experience a heightened sense of engagement and interactivity when they’re instantly connected to another individual or live stream via video conferencing.

As a white-label video conference solution, programmable video and voice API can be an already-made video application that adapts and conforms to your online presence by bringing in your look and feel. Adding programmable video and voice API opens up the online user experience to include video features, and functionalities.

Programmable video is a game changer for businesses keen to step outside the “brick and mortar” solution and shift towards operating a flourishing business online. What was once a storefront, accessible only by foot traffic, can now shift into digital applications and websites where e-commerce can not just function, it can thrive.

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Why do you need Programmable Video API?

Businesses can use programmable video API to be hyper interactive, deliver virtual ways for customers to interact with products, services or offerings face-to-face across digital touchpoints. This allows for an immediate connection, anywhere in the consumer journey where they can view, stream, tune in start to finish or only for a little while.

If you want to amp up your presence online and position your business as modern and technology-forward, consider how programmable video API is the solution you need to get you ahead. Real-time communication means you can have a lasting impact on new and existing clients. Programmable video API is important because:

  • You can showcase products, services and guide people online with navigation and demonstrations in real-time. You can host an event and pace it by making it participatory on both sides: the audience as well as the sales team or directors, for example.
  • Cut down on costs when you can cut out needless expenses like renting out a convention hall for a few hundred people. Instead, you can host your seminar, large or intimate group coaching session, industry conference and more by relying on video and voice API to hold a virtual space.
  • Gain access to a broader and more diverse group when an unlimited amount of people can access your offering from wherever they are (at any time!) including office, home or on the go. Plus, you can create a user experience supported by analytics to provide critical numbers that indicate what needs to be tweaked for better conversions, attendance, followers and other key point indicators.
  • Dive deeper into human nuance and body language when you can see people’s reaction during a product launch. Determine if your message and information is landing the way you want by tuning into the facial expressions and body positions of participants. You can course correct or continue forward with your approach.
  • Even good for education and learning purposes, you can use programmable video and voice API to add more participation and engagement to your pre-recorded or live lesson, lecture or seminar.
  • And so much more!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re shopping around for a viable API solution:

  • What features do you need to enhance and support your offering?
    Depending on your industry, you might require a high level of security, immediate notifications, and a customizable interface on top of the human-centric video and voice integration API; Perfect for healthcare professionals seeking a HIPAA compliant telehealth video conference that complements an already existing online infrastructure.
  • Do you want to open up your audience?
    Make it really easy for people to interact with your product and services. Adding an API integration simplifies the user journey instead of complicating it. Choose a system that is intuitive, customizable and makes interactions easier instead of more difficult to create cohesion over separation.

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  • What will you be using it for?
    Consider how you will be using programmable video and voice API within your digital strategy to best determine how your business can be empowered, especially in light of the quality of service and level of security. A high-level API should be reliable enough to produce high-quality audio and video transmission that is hassle-free with zero latency, no delay time and minimal interruption. Plus, top notch security features for ultimate confidentiality.
  • Do you want to grow your business?
    The answer should be a resounding yes, especially if you’re looking into programmable video (and voice!) API. Choose an API that molds and shapes the living and changing entity that your business is and is looking to become. The ability to customize, modify, build and adjust features according to your offering is valuable, and will make for a highly adaptable, easily scalable online presence that expands alongside your business.

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