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When it comes to free video conferencing, not all platforms are created equal. If you want the best conference calling without having to open up your wallet, consider doing a little checking around to see what works best for you!

Are you an entrepreneur? Maybe a coach or a teacher? Perhaps you’re running a prayer line at your church, planning a fundraising event or virtual field trip for your class. In whichever capacity you find yourself, having streamlined access to a toolkit of digital tools that comprises free video conferencing plus prime features like screen sharing, recording and more, you’ll see how much better your efforts pay off!

Have you been using Free Conference Call but want to try something different?

Now that the vast majority of us are a little more adept at bouncing between video conferences and online meetings, you’re probably curious to know what web conferencing options for your business or events are out there.

If you’re looking for a Free Conference Call alternative that supports your business or even, totally for FREE, then there’s one big question you should be asking yourself:

Is Free Conference Call the best choice for my conferencing needs?

Expecting to be delivered something as promised is a normal want – and requirement! If something is communicated as being free, shouldn’t it be? Plus, with so much competition, it makes you wonder why some companies are only offering a handful of features when others have more upfront offers.

Free Conference Call provides audio only conferencing for free. Their recently launched paid plan also includes a “pay what you can option.” Yes, you can record meetings, invite multiple participants, use breakout rooms, and use a limited number of international dial-in numbers, but if it’s free and other companies have more to offer, why not get more for free?

If the beginning of the decade taught us anything, it’s that audio-only conferencing doesn’t cut it. People need to be face to face whether they’re socializing, networking or pitching to clients. Video conferencing is a must-have for businesses large and small, and for people who want to connect to their friends and families, near and far.

Paying for video conferencing and the key features that come with it like screen sharing, the online whiteboard, annotation and other tools with Free Conference Call, doesn’t really make you feel like the brand is living up to its name. Is it putting you, the customer, first? What is Free Conference Call offering you that’s more helpful, more standout, more beneficial than other competitors?

Enter The Best Free Conference Call Alternative comes equipped with both audio and video capabilities that are FREE. Yes, that’s right. Completely free. Enjoy high quality audio and video conferencing that has zero time limits. There’s no contract to get locked into and you can stop the service at any time.

From office to home to on the go, empowers your online meeting needs with the important features and support that are critical to the success of your business and virtual social gatherings. Plus, with a fast connection, excellent security and easy access from wherever you are – all for FREE – you can’t go wrong.

Take a look at the capabilities of versus Free Conference Call:

What makes the best Free Conference Call alternative in 2021? lets you start your free video or voice conference call, share a screen or create a meeting room and comes with free features to enhance your experience:

Feature-rich Technology:
Free Online Video Conferencing: No downloads, delays or setup, just click to join with video.
Free Screen Sharing: Share your desktop so everyone is on the same page.
Free Online Whiteboard: Make abstract ideas concrete with shapes, colors and images everyone can use to collaborate. comes with other very handy features to help you stay on track and keep moving ahead seamlessly and without frustration:

Invitations and Reminders
Improve meeting attendance with automated invites and reminders that are sent out to help coordinate calls without the extra fuss.

Recurring Calls
Save time and schedule ahead – all in one shot! – when you can set it and forget it without rescheduling every time.

Group Call Invites
Set up your Address Book so you can just select and click to set up existing groups now and invite later!

As the best Free Conference Call alternative, lets you enjoy the same features and more – for FREE!

For $0.00 a month, the FREE package consists of:

Up to 100 Call Participants (with the option to add more)
Up to 5 Web Participants
Unlimited Conference Calls on Local Numbers
Free Video Conferencing
Free Screen Sharing
Free Online Whiteboard
Free Address Book
Free SMS Messaging
Free PINless Entry
Free Mobile and Desktop Apps
Free Meeting Chat
Free Document Sharing
Free Annotation
Free Breakout Rooms (For a limited time!)
Free Email Support

Looking for more? You can upgrade to a paid account to receive: Custom Hold Music, Audio and Video Recording, Audio and Video Transcription, Caller ID, YouTube Live Streaming, 750 minutes of Toll-Free and International Dial-In Numbers, and more! can be used across a variety of different uses:

Online Coaching

Cater to clients anywhere in the world from where you are. Watch as your coaching business really takes off once you go online and drive the face of your brand to your audience. Let’s features accommodate your growing network and provide you the stable connection you need to be in sync with a 1:1 client, a small group or a large seminar!

Virtual Classroom

Engage with eager learners keen to take on extra training, tutoring, peer support or a class! Shape the structure of your learning format using’s free video conferencing platform that’s perfectly suited for an online learning environment. Consider virtual field trips and online lectures too!

Sales Demos

Conduct your remote sales pitch or bring your audience into the flow of how your product works by hosting a presentation or online meeting. Use the Free Screen Sharing feature for better interaction and more dynamic collaboration. It becomes easier to show audience members tricky IT navigation or try bringing them into a live, interactive webinar.

If you’re searching for an alternative to Free Conference Call that is feature-rich, easy and intuitive to use, works seamlessly and provides a high quality connection; If you want a video conferencing service that puts the customer and their needs first; If you want to try a platform that does what it says it does and so much more – then it’s obvious what you need.

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