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Los Angeles, CA October 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —, a leading provider of conference calling solutions and technology, has developed a feature that allows users to digitally record a custom greeting for their conference calls. This latest innovation allows the conference organizer to record a Personalized Greeting to welcome participants to the conference by recording a message with the desired conferencing details, announcements, or branding., a leading provider of conference calling solutions, recognized the needs of users to be more efficient in the management of their conference calls. Evernote allows the user to improve their productivity and manage their conference calls, notes and related information on multiple devices. By including Evernote, FreeConference enables improved workflow by increasing productivity and enhancing the storage of notes, so details from important conference calls are never lost or forgotten.

“Taking notes during meetings is one of the most common uses of Evernote,” said Seth Hitchings, Evernote’s VP of Platform Strategy. “FreeConference’s new integration with Evernote makes it easier than ever for users to capture the important things that they need to remember from a conference call. We’re excited to have FreeConference join our partner community and provide our users with a convenient way to manage and remember their calls.”

Evernote gives the conference participant the ability to capture handwritten and typed notes, images, webpages and documents from a conference call and makes them easy to find. Scheduled conference information, images, screenshots, and notes are automatically sent to your FreeConference notebook or an existing notebook within Evernote. Images and notes are automatically processed, indexed, and made searchable. Printed and handwritten text inside your images and notes are made searchable in your conferencing notebook by simply entering keywords, titles, or tags.

Evernote has the perfect balance – it’s a lightweight collaboration tool, a full–featured note–taking app, and it’s ubiquitous. There’s a natural synergy with FreeConference as you use Evernote to store conference notes, reservation details, recordings, etc. — Cliff Kaylin, CTO

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