Factors To Consider When Looking for a White Label Video Conferencing Solution

Businesswoman speaking and engaged in a serious video call seated at head of table in conference room near large windowsWhat makes a white-label video conferencing solution reliable, effective, and productive for its user? Why use white-label in the first place? Wait a second, what is a white-label solution anyway? If any of these questions have you searching for answers, you can stop right here for a minute.

Here are a few factors to consider when you’re shopping around for a software solution.

Purchasing white-label video conferencing software from a service provider then rebranding it as your own allows your business to come across as your business. It’s your logo, your colors, and your branding that’s upfront and facing your consumer. This already-existing software becomes free advertising for you and your brand so you don’t have to spend time, money, and effort reinventing the wheel.

Oftentimes, white-label solutions come from software-as-a-service (SaaS) meaning the company leases out their software over a period of time that is agreed on by both parties. It’s simple and the return is big. But how big, you ask?

Pretty big considering all the businesses that are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s part of the basic setup of your business and brand, and not having video as part of your online presence can seriously impact sales. It’s an integral part of the consumer journey, allowing businesses all kinds of ways to engage with customers individually, or as an audience.

With white-label, the technology is built for you, but you get to customize it to fit your brand and its touchpoints. Take into consideration the following factors when it comes to a real-time white-label communications platform:

1. Lower Costs
Not building it from the ground up means you don’t have to worry about continuously supporting and maintaining the infrastructure. Instead, white-label video conferencing takes care of:
a. Hosting servers
b. Formatting a stable experience across all touchpoints (Apple, Android, tablets)
c. Finding and locating bugs in the system
d. Updating software, licenses, and systems
e. Tech support for consumers

Side view of young woman laughing and working at desktop in sunny corner while video chatting a young man onscreenPlus, you don’t have to use up resources to work on building the system. Instead, your resources can be working on important tasks that move your business forward.

2. Scalable And Adaptable
In the wake of a worldwide pandemic, we’ve witnessed a sky-high increase in digital collaboration and video conferencing. A white-label solution can be scaled up or down to accommodate a growing network, so you can adjust how you use the software to meet your needs. Small online meeting? No problem. Customer support via video? Done. Large webinar? That works too.

3. Faster Time To Market
When building your own app, you’ll quickly notice the time, effort, and energy it takes to get it off the ground. It’s absolutely possible, however, you have to factor in not only what resources you have available, but also when you want to get your service, product or offering out into the world.

Consider that when you use up your manpower to build an app from the ground up, you’re putting a halt to other work that needs to get done which could affect your launch date.

With a white-label video conferencing solution, you’re shaving off months of rule-following and best practices, and shortening the curve between conception to execution. In just a few hours, you can have your white-label video conferencing up and active.

Calm young woman seated on floor against couch in serene and beige-colored room, writing in notebook in front of open laptop4. Your Brand – Upfront
It doesn’t make sense for your brand to hide behind another brand. Especially if you’ve worked hard to get yours seen and heard, why not choose video conferencing software that showcases it? A white-label solution gives you the benefit of being able to customize and personalize consumer-facing touchpoints.

Plus, it seamlessly integrates into what you’ve already built. In fact, you have complete brand visibility; it’s your colors and logos splashed across the navigation, dashboard, and other settings.

5. What Industry You’re Using It For
Different industries will have different needs. The good thing, however, is that white-label video conferencing solutions are used across many:

a. Education
For lectures and webinars, established universities or online courses, you can display your branding for immediate trust and brand cohesion. It’s fully scalable so if your intake is larger this semester than last, no sweat! You can accommodate a growing number of eager learners from around the world.

b. Healthcare
Create a seamless mobile and desktop experience for both patients and doctors near or far. With the mobile app, an immediate connection to experts and medical practitioners is made from the palm of your hand.

c. Retail
Bring in customers from every corner of the market onto your webpage, YouTube Live Stream, and more. Host live product launches, runs contests and provide helpful customer service and support.

Here are a few questions to help you hone in on the kind of white-label solution that will work best for you:

1. How user friendly is it?
Be sure to test out the navigation and see how intuitive it is. Is it easy to move around and find where it is you want to go? Where are files saved and how are they retrieved? Look for buttons, features, menu options, color coding, and any other ways of navigating around the interface.

2. What are the security measures like?
Keeping customer data safe is of the utmost importance. It can be the difference between business done right and a breach in security. A white-label video conferencing solution that empowers business should also come with state-of-the-art security features like one-time access codes, as well as GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

3. What other software does it integrate with?
It’s extra beneficial if it integrates with other products via API.

4. How can customers and clients access it?
Zero-download and browser-based. No equipment or complicated set up means faster and easier access.

Choosing iotum means choosing a white-label video conferencing software that offers peace of mind. With its robust platform and a wide variety of features, you can make it your own without the headache of starting at the very beginning. Enhance your online offerings with video conferencing technology and an advanced suite of features to keep your business on the cutting edge. Learn more here.

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