Grab Participants’ Attention With Custom Hold Music: The Must-Have Conference Calling Feature

Conference callLet’s face it. It’s routine for any schedule to be packed with a myriad of business meet-ups like briefings, tissue sessions, online meetings, in-person meetings, production calls, catch-ups, stand-ups… the list goes on. It’s how good teamwork effectively gets done on time. But when there’s such a surplus of information and data for our brains to process, it’s truly no wonder the modern person’s attention span has significantly dwindled and been divided.

People’s time is precious, and they don’t want to feel like they’re waiting around wasting it. As a result, it’s critical to catch your audience’s attention whether you’re selling, or discussing something, and make them feel like their attention and time are well spent.

Here’s a little secret. With online meetings and conference calls, try on the Custom Hold Music feature for size. Don’t be fooled by how trivial it may sound or the memory of yesteryear’s “elevator muzak.” If you want to retain customers, make your brand appear polished and professional, increase engagement, and more at your next online meeting, think proactively about adding Custom Hold Music to your communications strategy. Here’s why:

hold musicCustom hold music revs up your brand image and voice.

Rather than relying on the radio or just a clip, this is an opportunity to select a piece of music that reflects your brand. So when a participant conference calls in or joins an online meeting, they get a sense of what your company stands for. It can be upbeat, or slow and steady. The idea here is to encourage engagement and keep them on the line. Let your next conference call usher in participants with a tune that shows them who you really are. That’s the whole point with customization. The option to upload your own lets you select the music best suited to your business or choose one of the 5 different themes: British Invasion, New Wave, Jazz, Classic Rock and Lighthearted. Or upload your own music file!

Custom hold music deters terminated calls.

While on hold for a conference call to start, it’s uncomfortable to be left in silence. It’s confusing and one-sided. “Can anyone hear me?” “Am I connected?” “Is this the right meeting?” It’s at this point participants tend to drop off the line. But with custom hold music, they are immediately aware they’re on hold. It’s the perfect segue and cue into the meeting. There’s no way anyone can miss the start time, and it’s a thoughtful way to greet everyone. Plus, silence makes the waiting around feel longer than it actually is, just like how a watched pot of boiling water never boils!

Custom Hold Music is a mood-enhancer.

Plenty of people resort to listening to music as a way to relax or get more energy. Depending on the choice of music, the custom hold music selected for your next conference call can subtly enhance their mood. That, as well as taking the waiting out of being on hold, because really, no one likes to be on hold. These two reasons alone are enough to put anyone in a better mood!

online conferenceCustom Hold Music shows you care.

Custom Hold Music is a mindful conference call feature because it sets the tone for the meeting. It’s a simple communication technique – participants shouldn’t be made to feel like they’re being neglected or that their time is being wasted. That’s when their attention becomes shortened or lost completely. Keep everyone engaged and present on your next conference call with custom hold music that is considerate of people’s time and energy. This way, people will want to call back to in the future or feel like video conferencing or conference calling is a valuable means of communication next time everyone needs to touch base. It’s a feature that makes the wait time less laborious!

With the custom hold music feature from Callbridge, you can expect more participants paying attention, better engagement and more immediacy during your conference calls. Custom Hold Music is included in all Callbridge paid plans starting at just $14.99/month.

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