Custom Hold Messaging: A Golden Window Of Opportunity

In its most basic terms, a custom hold music feature takes the waiting out of being on hold. It’s a small, considerate gesture that yields a big impact. For those few moments in between picking up a call or getting an online meeting started, your audience is held captive. You have their full attention, it’s best to use it to your advantage!

Afterall, nobody likes to be on hold. It often feels confusing, like you’re stuck in communication limbo unsure of the next step. Will someone pick up? Did the call go through? Are you actually in the right spot for the online meeting to take place? That’s why hold music proves to be valuable. It’s a cue that signifies to participants how precious and appreciated their time is.

While music is an effective way to manage participant expectations and make a fantastic first impression, let’s not forget that their attention is undivided. This is a golden window of opportunity to approach and present them with a key message about your brand.
When it comes to deciding what kind of messaging you want to include as your custom hold message, consider the purpose of your online meeting:

Are you pitching a remote sale?

This is a great opportunity to include some background information about your company. Tell your audience about your mission and values, how it was started, why you’re a suitable fit for the upcoming project. Include details about past projects, where additional info can be found and social media handles.

Are you looking for more donations for your charity?

Your custom hold message can include information about how and where to send donations. Plus, times, dates, locations and frequently asked questions can be included in the script.

Do you want to onboard more clients for your coaching business?

Create a script that discusses limited time offers or additional packages that highlight your offerings. Got an event or sale coming up? Mention your 2-for-1 deal, or create a buddy incentive where you get a discount for referring to a friend.

Is your church starting a prayer line?

Write a script outlining details of the upcoming launch of your church’s prayer line and how to access it. What will it be about? What topics will be covered? How can the community benefit from it?

Does your business have an important announcement?

Mention upcoming events, promotions, sales, key events, guest speakers, launches, incentives – anything that interests your current and prospective clientele

Just remember: You want to put yourself in their shoes and speak their language. Figure out the information that affects them (and positively impacts your business!). Once you’ve drilled down what exactly you want to say, it’s important you deliver it effectively. A compelling message:

…is the right length.
Participants won’t be on hold forever leading up to the online meeting, but it’s best to create a lengthy message that doesn’t repeat. The idea is to create a long enough script that provides fresh information without getting tiresome or reheard.

…is the right tone.
Your message should reflect your business or cause’s vibe and values. Use the same terminology, tone of voice, language and jargon that seamlessly fits and is understood in your industry by your audience. Consistency is key here, and should match the rest of your forward-facing branding.

…sends the right message!
Whether you’re looking to drive sales, share information, promote specials or initiate donations, the real purpose of custom hold messaging is to keep participants engaged. Keep your messaging lighthearted, and informative in a salesy way that is approachable and not too hard selling. Be inviting, and welcoming and address your specific audience directly.

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