How To Broadcast A Live Video Conference On YouTube Live

Close-up view of hands holding a smartphone with recording screen zoomed in on man playing guitar at desk with laptopIf you want to make your video an interactive experience that invites participation and engagement from your audience, then broadcasting to YouTube is the way to draw a crowd. This gives your following another way to join your live video conference. It opens up viewability because anyone can tune in live now or record and save to watch later. Choose to make your YouTube video conference call private or public depending on the nature of the content and who’s viewing it.

Here’s how to broadcast a live video conference on YouTube Live with (more details here), and below, are tips on how to use YouTube Live:

STEP #1: Linking to your YouTube Account

Enable Live Streaming:

  • ign in to your YouTube account.
  • On your desktop computer, click the video icon at the top right of your account and select “Go live.”
  • If you haven’t already set up your YouTube account to Livestream, select “Stream” and fill out the details for your channel.
  • A page will display as pictured below, copy both the stream key and stream URL.

View of man in living room, speaking and interacting with smartphone held at arm’s length whiles gesticulating and pointing fingerAdd your YouTube streaming details to your account:

  • Go to Settings > Recording & Live Streaming > Toggle On
  • Paste in your streaming key and share URL and click save.
  • If you wish to record all meetings, but do not wish to stream ALL meetings, note that you will need to stop and restart recording in order to live stream in the online meeting room.

(Note: From time to time YouTube will update these settings, so it is suggested that you confirm these details before each live streaming event.)

STEP #2: Share your live stream link with participants

  • Provide the link above with your “channel name.”
  • Recommended: Add it to your invitations and suggest it as an alternative option for “overflow” if you are expecting you may exceed the maximum total of 100 participants.


  • Start an Online Meeting from your account dashboard.
  • AUTO live-stream: If you have enabled “auto-start” within your YouTube account AND “automatically live stream” in your conference account, once a second participant joins with their audio connected and the recording has begun, live streaming will automatically be initiated. You can verify this in your YouTube account.

STEP #3B: MANUAL LIVE-STREAM (This feature is only available to a moderator)

  • Click the “Record” icon in the top toolbar.
  • Select “Record Video.”
  • Check the box “Live Stream Video.” (NOTE: This will only appear if you have already entered your YouTube credentials shown in step 1)
  • Click “Start recording.”
  • Navigate to your YouTube account and select Create > Go live.
  • Create a new live stream or open a scheduled live stream (ensure the streaming key is the same as entered previously in your conference account).
  • Click on the blue “GO LIVE” button. This will start a live stream on your YouTube Channel.

A Few Tips For Your Live Stream Conference Call

Get off to a good start by implementing the following steps to ensure everything is in place for a smooth and successful live video conference call on YouTube:

  1. Get Set Up For Success
    What’s your goal from going live on Youtube? What do you hope to achieve? Is it to include more viewers, expand your online presence, add to your communication and marketing mix? Promote or demo a product? Take viewers on a tour of the site?From there, you can work out the live stream setup. If you’re a team, you will have to delegate roles to each member. Will you need a host? Can you use a tripod for the camera or do you need someone to manage it?
  2. Figure Out Timing
    It will be impossible to please everyone, but depending on the size of your group and who’s participating, you can cater to many! When deciding a date and time for your live conference, if no one can see eye to eye or if your reach is very broad, try consulting YouTube Analytics to see what time your videos get the most views.Still don’t know? First YouTube conference call ever? No sweat. Pick a time that suits the majority of participants. A YouTube live conference call can be recorded too. If there are people who can’t attend, they can catch it later.Just make sure to schedule your live video conference in advance so that you can promote it and give people the chance to lock it into their calendars.
  3. Test And Check
    View of man holding tablet on lap while reclined on couch, looking through YouTube videosAvoid snafus and failures by checking you have everything ready before you go live:

    1. Remove distractions and busy backgrounds.
    2. Adjust the lighting so you can appear well lit and not dimmed or shadowy.
    3. Find a quiet space free of background noise. Check your mic to ensure it’s up and running and smooth-sounding.
    4. Test your connection and network diagnostics.
    5. Check batteries and have a power supply nearby.
    6. Turn off your phone, notifications, and ringers.
    7. Shut down unnecessary tabs and clean up your desktop for easy access to files, especially if you might be screen sharing!
  4. Engage The Audience
    Whether a conference, online meeting, seminar, live series, or any other format, keeping your audience engaged is key.

    1. Remember: People will jump into different parts of your live video conference. Share a quick recap or if you have a guest speaker, mention their name and specialty.
    2. Try getting viewers to make it all the way to the end. Reveal something that will have them watching from start to finish. Save the special announcement, the good news or a piece of important information as the final word.
    3. Use Text Chat or Live Chat for people to chat on the side, ask questions or gain clarity.

With, you can wow your audience by live streaming to YouTube easily. Seamlessly connect your FreeConference meeting to a YouTube Live Stream, broadcast live to various channels in just one take, and give your following multiple ways to join.

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